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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taylor Hicks: Wedding Day Blues

Another fan video of Taylor Hicks performing in about every small to large bar and stage across this great land. Now Hicks is really a bluesman:-)

Wedding Day Blues from edjorg on Vimeo.


medolark said...

I really like this crazy little bluesy song. Thanks, Tom. Ü

juliegr said...

Funny little song -- seems like Taylor got a "kick" out of performing it at the Magic Bag with his buddies.

Thanks for the video.

Gr8fulheart said...

What a crazy song! Looks like Taylor had a blast performing it. Thanx Tom, for the video.

carole said...

Thanks Tom. A great song. The first time I've heard it except from the cd. Taylor has a great voice and really gets into his music.

NolaMar said...

This song always makes me smile. It sounded really great live! Taylor's voice is perfect for it, and he really seemed to get a kick out of too. :) Thanks for posting it.

tishlp said...

Even funnier live than it is on the CD. Thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

Our soul man is finally in his element! Taylor forget the pop and the country you are a blues singer!! I know its not the biggest money but this is YOU! Thanks for posting. We love you Taylor!!! Please post MORE.