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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frank Sinatra And Elvis: Love Me Tender/Witchcraft

A very young Elvis with the first real King of Pop. Doing an interesting medley of their pop songs. Frank really swings out Love Me Tender I must admit that I really would liked to have heard Frank do that song that way, I actually like that a lot more!

The reason Frank was the First King of Pop, is that Popular music has been around as long as people have sang songs. Music can be divided by popular music, or folk music, secular music, religious music, etc, etc, When you consider just how popular Frank Sinatra was well before Elvis, the Beatles, and Michael Jackson, then you really have the first royalty of popular music. It is not that before Frank there were not popular performers, but Frank lived in an age where recorded music was reaching its golden age, where TV was just starting to make an impact, and where movies truly made people celebrities worldwide. Frank's loving army of girl fans known as Bobby Soxers, chased after him like girls chased Elvis, and all the rock and rollers who came later.

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