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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

This just in from Bob Dorr!

Like the little girl in the movie said, "He's baaack..." For most people on this list, it's been about two weeks since the last note. For 193 people on the list (nearly one third of the entire list) it's been nearly two months without gettin' it (The Blue Note, I mean) The webmistress theeeeorizes that it was just coincidence that ghosts in the data base made it so that the message did not go thru to all those addresses, but because this started THE WEEK AFTER THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF POLITICO NOTES WENT OUT, us paranoids know "they" were conspiring to silence the masses and "hacked" our data base after days of trying to figure out the complicated password. If you missed those notes (I think between Oct. 3 and now) and would like to catch up on some of the "diverse" opinions Blue Band fans have in the political arena, just respond to this note with the subject Catch Up (as opposed to "make like a tomato and ketch up") and I will be happy to forward them to you...

I'm really looking forward to Saturday night at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis (Lake & Hennipin-UPTOWN, Baby!) Not only is it the #1 blues club in The Cities, but a bunch of Iowans should be in town for the Hogguy/Goopher football game AND we'll have The Peoples Horn Section playing in the band! Nathan is flying in from his new home in Denver CO (yes, his arms WILL be tired) and his dad Jerry is driving up from Des Moines. There is somethin' about the father/son connection that just trips my trigger when I watch both of them play with the band. Add to that, they both are celebrating the arrival of a THIRD generation sax player, as Nathan & Theresa's son, Finnigan Jeffrey, arrived at 3:07am, Nov 12th. (He's already living on musician hours!) Because we've been playing in The Cities for all 27 years of The Blue Band's existence, there's always a reunion-like atmosphere to the crowd. I hope you can be part of the party. We play 9-12:30ish. Come early for the award winning bar-b-que, stay late for dancing, be sure and congratulate the new father and grandpa!...

And speaking of party, let me tell you about the local Victoria's Secret store. No wait, I'm not done talking about Blue Band dates yet (squeeze me, tease me, baby) It's been about two years since we've had the chance to play in Iowa's #1 blues club, Blues On Grand in Des Moines, so please join us the day after Thanksgiving, Fri. Nov. 28, 9:30-1:30. BOG is also the home of the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. There's a really nice picture of me on the wall! Need more information, try

OK, so the Victoria's Secret party. OOOPs, forgot to remind you of the First Friday get together at The Hub, 4th & Main here in Sparkle City. Friday Dec. 5th (YIKES, we're talkin' DECEMBER here. Brrrrrr) This afterwork/end of week "Geezer Gig" (6-9pm) is really fun and who knows, we might even play Wooly Bully again (Will Play Anything For Tips) (or CAKE) And two dates that we just added this week, Sunday Dec. 21-The Mississippi Valley Blues Society Christmas Party and Fundraiser in the Redstone Room at the River Music Experience in Davenport, 5-8pm (thanks to Zimmerman Motors for sponsoring our appearance) and Sat. Jan. 24, an open to the public dance at the Ottumwa Elks Club, more info on that in the weeks to come...

Speaking of Brrrrr, I have to admit that I have become a cold weather woosie. The webmistress and I have moved our walking inside the mall already. This is where I ran across the Victoria's Secret store. (actually, I walked past it, I didn't run across it) In front of the store is a sign that says "PANTY PARTY! 7 for $25!" This brings to mind MANY questions that perhaps you can help answer for me. What IS a Panty Party? Do you get SEVEN Panty Parties for $25? Is that a good deal? Can you spread out (!) the parties over a few months, or do you have to have a Panty Party every day for a week? Or do you get 7 panties for $25? Is THAT a good deal? Would you wear all seven in one week? Is a week's worth of panties worth $25? Inquiring minds want to know! And one other thing, how 'bout some real live models in the Victoria's Secret store for holiday shopping! I'm sure that would put me in the holiday mood. Ho, Ho Ho...

I'll be the substitute host of Iowa Public Radio's Night Music show the night before, and the night of Thanksgiving, so TUNE IN YOU TURKEYS! I think I'm going to try and get my annual HyVee Turkey dinner in a Styrofoam dish a few days before Thanksgiving this year. You remember what happened to me last year the day before the holiday!...

See yas in dah nort'land on dah Blue Highway, dare, 'eh? and stroke yer zydeco tie while havin' a Panty Party at your local Vicortia's Secret store, especially if they have have BabyCAKES. We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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