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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its Flooding Everywhere

About A year ago I posted this video because my basement was flooding. Well once again my basement is wet. I must say that flooding sucks! No doubt every year when the waters start seeping through the basement it reminds me of the flood of 93 when my hometown Des Moines Iowa became the largest city to loose its water. We were without water for three to four weeks. If you haven't been without water for that long you really don't realize just how important it is!! No showers, no baths, using rain water to flush the toilet. ARGH!!!

However, I am luckier than most. Now I live on a hill, and I only have a inch or so of water, so compared to other people I am lucky. I just hope that the sewer system hold ons, because if that would back up it could be ugly! So I am spending a lot of time in the basement with the shopvac, and my little water pump. The pump is pretty useless because it gets too hot, and quits after about an 1/2 hour. However, my wetvac kicks a$$! I have pumped 60 gallons or so of water out of my basement today, which sounds impressive, but really that is only a wet floor. People east of me are pumping that much in minutes! I have inches of water, but they have FEET of water! Perhaps what is really scary is that Des Moines is in the cross hairs again. Saylorville reservoir is near the overflow, and the Raccoon River is getting way over its banks even up here.

Last year this video and a lot of prayers helped, so lets hope for some magic again. Here is Stevie Ray Vaughn playing Texas Flood!

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