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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Blues Is Dead Again:-)

Wow! These guys don't stop do they! What is it with the media and its desire to kill the blues. Karen over at Today's Chicago Blues Blog has a link to another article giving the grim prognosis of the future of the blues. I mean certainly some of the older players have left us, and its tragic, but that is life. The blues, which started during reconstruction has gone through generations of players, as this generation passes, there is another ready to pick up the mantle. Perhaps if the media just peruse this website, they would see a ton of great blues acts of all ages. However just like politics it is far easier to parrot the talking point, or the conventional wisdom, then actually do some research. If a reporter called me and wanted to know the state of the blues today, I would say doing alright, could be better, but it is alive and well. Simply compare the blues scene of today, to what is was like in the mid to late 70s. Then the blues really was on life support all over the US. Disco's and DJs almost sucked the life blood out of live music in the 70s, but we all survived, and we will all survive this. The blues is so saturated in the blood of American popular music that it is here to stay. It won't go away, so you reporters just better get use to it. Stop the sob stories, and start doing some work for a change.

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