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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sean Costello RIP

I really don't believe this. I just read the news from Bob Corritore that Sean Costello has died. Costello was a very young man, only 29 years old, and I just reviewed his CD a couple of weeks ago. I am in a state of shock at the moment, I really don't know what to say. Here is what Bob Corritore wrote in his email:

April 15, 2008

  • RIP Sean Costello 4/16/79-4/15/08: This shocking and sad news just in from Steve Hecht of Piedmont Talent: Blues singer/guitarist Sean Costello was found today dead in his hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia. He would have been 29 tomorrow. Cause of death is not known at present but details will posted on the Piedmont Talent website as they are revealed. Sean had recently released his fourth CD, We Can Get Together on the Delta Groove Record Label, and was a featured guitarist on the acclaimed new Nappy Brown CD Long Time Coming on Blind Pig Records. A handsome young man with amazing guitar ability, a fine voice, and a strong sense of carrying forward the tradition of the blues, Sean was a rising star with a brilliant career in front of him. In a world where we sorrowfully watch so many elder statesman of the blues pass, the loss this youthful bright light is especially hard to take. Rest in peace, Sean.

I will keep looking for more information and will post it as soon as it come out. As Bob said, rest in peace Sean.


Broc said...

I met Sean through a family friend a few years back. Got a call today that he OD'd but that was all the family member revealed. Sad day.

Randee Beckman said...

Sick about the news.
He was our headliner for The Sedalia Blues Festival, Big Island, Virginia, several years ago. He was definitely a rising star.

May you rest in peace, Sean.

Randee Beckman
The Sedalia Blues Festival

bluesman2001 said...

I am numb over this. The kid had a lot of talent, and I liked the CD. A guitar player with taste and tone, and trust me it is hard to find guitar players that have both. This is a kick in the gut for sure.


MarkTab said...

Very sad news -- I heard him play in the early morning hours of April 13 at Atlanta Lindy Exchange. He did a great job for the swing dancers, and I shared that opinion with friends yesterday. It was apparently his last performance. My prayers are for his friends and family.

Hieronymus Murphy said...

This makes me just sick at heart. He was an amazing talent with a limitless future. I features Sean on a recent episode of my podcast, and I was looking forward to meeting him at the Blues Music Awards next month. Sheesh! It's just not right!

Peter said...

Sean Costello will be severley missed by anybody who saw him live or met him even briefly. i am glad to say i had the oportunity to do both. a genuine tallent and a genuine person that inspired me to play the guitar right.

It is a sad day when the blues loses one of is brightest lights.

my thoughts are with his family, RIP Sean and thank you for what you have give us.

Katie said...

It was an honor to have known him. The night I got to sing with him was one of the greatest nights of my musical career. He was such an excellent musician. I can't believe he's gone. I was looking forward to seeing in in Atlanta on Friday. Such a great loss. He will be missed.

Marta Slosarska said...

Don't you people have families, jobs and your own problems to deal with?

Instead of speculating on Sean's causes of death, (what by the way IS NOT YOUR BUISNESS!!!), you should take care of the people you love cause life is short and you never know what tomorrow is gonna be...
If you've ever got the chance to meet him or not, whatever, for god sake show some respect! To Sean, to his family, to his REAL friends...

Some of you may think that they know things, or hope that they're going to find out what happened. Just let him Rest In Peace and focus your fucking curiosity on something else!

PS. Broc, I don't know who you are, and you're spreading some information that you think you have, on different blogs, but you don't know what are you talking about. I wonder which family friend it was. Obiviously it wasn't a friend. Just shut the fuck up and go back to your life...

Anonymous said...

So that can't be the last word, much as we would want it to be. It is important for artists and young people to understand that if you have a problem you need to learn to deal with it on life's terms. The wrong person died the night Sean passed, for whatever reason, and I seriously doubt it was from a chicken bone or a toaster in the tub or it would be common knowledge.

When people, entertainers, artists, or parents, children, lovers, or even loners don't learn to deal with life's problems - when they don't get professional help for disorders or turn to drugs to push down their feelings then tragedy is going to be the outcome.

I think it is important to have the truth be part of the zeitgeist because Sean was loved and respected by so many artists and fans alike. Knowing the truth might save a life, and keeping it secret out of embarrassment or shame or fear might just allow another to die.

Just my opinion...