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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dead Videos And Links

I have well over 600 videos embedded on this site. Most are from Youtube, but a few are from some other video sharing sites. Unfortunately I have a ton of videos that are not working right now. It seems that at least one person who I posted a lot of his videos has run afoul of the corporations that control individual artists performances, and they pulled his videos from the site. It is unfortunate that corporations are so short sided that can't see how giving away video clips actually help promote artists, and get us to go out and buy their stuff. Of course I know that the younger college age crowd probably uses peer to peer file sharing, and torrents and all sorts of stuff that I don't understand to get free music, but the bulk of the people here like to buy stuff:-) So when we see a video of an artists we like we buy their music. So when the big bad corporations start pulling the plug on the videos they are just shooting themselves in the foot. It is painfully obvious that people are more likely to follow an artists once they see them, or hear them. Most people will not go into a music store to buy a CD if they have never seen or heard the artist. Of course the corporations that control and make the most money are trying desperately to keep alive the goose that laid the golden egg. The actual CD costs as far as production is far less than the 15 to 20 bucks they charge, and of that money the artists get a pittance. As any blues performer can tell you, they make money off performances not CDS, unless they self produce the music themselves, then if they play enough, and sell enough they can make some money.

I will try to delete as many of the dead posts that I can find, and if I can replace the videos I will, but I doubt that some of the rarer clips are replaceable and that is a shame for both the artists and their fans.


I am up to about the middle of may of last year and so far I have deleted 35 videos that are no longer working. I have no idea when I am going to get back to updating new videos. This may take awhile. It also looks like Daily Motion at least gives you a warning that the video is gone. Unlike Youtube which you actually don't know if it works or not until you play it. Don't you just love corporate America:-)

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