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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Punk Rock Blues

Interesting article from the Belfast Telegraph (Click HERE), about the rebirth of the blues, or perhaps I should say an interpretation of the rebirth of the blues punk rock style. I suppose I am getting old, but to me the sale line of "Not The Same Old Blues Crap," really bothers me. I took a good listen to the music both on the Punk Rock Blues website, and the myspace page for Not The Same Old Blues Crap and I understand why these Neo-punk bands are attracted to the roughness of the blues, but what exactly is the same old blues crap??? I also can't get to excited about rehashed Rolling Stones circa 1964. Seriously this has all been done before. White guys screaming, ( not singing) and loud bands.

I do understand the punk ethic. I also understand the reaction against clean, processed, over practiced pretentious blues bands. Perhaps that is a real problem in England and Northern Ireland. Here in the states is isn't a big problem anymore, since there is no money in playing blues, so only those who love the blues play the blues. So I would really like to know what they mean by not the same old blues crap, because at least around here I kinda of like the same old blues crap.

I suppose the thing that really riles me is the title of the article in the Telegraph, Bringing Back The True Blues. Now I don't want all the Punk Rock Blues performers to get angry, because I assume that it was the reporter for the Belfast Telegraph that came up with that title, but that has to be one the dumbest things I have read this year. There is nothing about it that is even true. If you want someone who is bringing back the TRUE BLUES then look to Keb Mo, or Corey Harris, or any of a number of acoustic blues musicians who play both delta, piedmont and contemporary styles of blues. Seriously if I had to pick who I want to lead the blues army into the next 50 years I will take Keb, or Corey. They are THE REAL DEAL! Nothing against this new(okay semi new) Punk Rock Blues style, but they are not bringing back trues blues in any sense of the word.

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