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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jason Ricci Interview

From Scripps News comes an interesting interview with Jason Ricci. As far as I am concerned you judge a person by their talent, not their personal life. That said, check out the interview because regardless of what he is, or what he has done, he has played with the real deals.

I think the most telling part of the article is the part about being banned by festivals and boycotted by a blues society. Here is a quote from the article by Ricci:

"I've had some death threats. We've been banned from several clubs and festivals. We've been boycotted by a blues society in Ohio. ... Why I'm out is not that I'm on some crusade to be some greatest gay blues artist, I just don't want to make up stories about why I don't have a girlfriend."

When blues societies play politics they miss out on what the blues is all about. If you don't book someone because of their music that is one thing, but to not book someone because of there lifestyle choice is criminal. It is discrimination, and anyone with just an inkling of the history of the blues should realize just how bad discrimination was to the people who played the blues in the past.

IT HAS TO BE ABOUT THE MUSIC PEOPLE!!! You are an idiot if you make it about anything else. What are you freaking afraid of???? Do you think that his sexual preference will rub off on you???? Is it his past drug use??? How many freaking blues songs from the past are about drugs and alcohol???? Seriously, you don't have a leg to stand on, if you are making an argument against this guy or any artist when you move away from the music. Keep your freaking politics out of the blues PLEASE!!

To check out the interview Click HERE.


Brady Mills said...

Thanks Bluesman, for posting this article and for your introduction.

It's amazing that in a day where you can walk down to your local drug store and pick up the latest Playboy magazine, these things are still an issue.

Not only is Jason a great musician, he's a wonderful person. I should know, because I spend my life with him. I'm Jason's, partner, Brady.

He doesn't have an agenda with regards to his sexuality... he really doesn't have an agenda at all. He loves music and he loves giving his music to the world. From his free lessons on YouTube to his free downloads online, he's simply trying to share his love of harmonica with others.

Who he sleeps with when he comes home, is irrelevant. Although, it is nice to be mentioned in the article (I digress). The simple fact is that he is an amazing musician, a great performer, a motivator, an inspiration, and a very complex, talented and genuine person.

Jason and I spend countless days apart. More than 300 last year. This is a sacrifice we make for the music and for all of the fans. It is heart-warming to find people like you, who appreciate the sacrifices, the struggles and the art.

Thanks again, for your support!


bluesman2001 said...

Hi Brady

Thanks for the comments.

It is sad that we live in such an intolerant age. Tell Jason to hang in there, and keep making great music.