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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Taylor Hicks: People Get Ready

Terry tipped me off to this video. A timeless song that many blues bands have covered, originally by Percy Mayfield.


Anonymous said...

Hicks may have created his own
version (changed the words) but listen to that voice.

Anonymous said...

Here are Taylor Hicks' comments about this performance:

"This was recorded by the sound guy at [Nashville's] 12th and Porter - a great sound guy - who gave me the CD right after the show. We listened to it driving back home to Birmingham, broke but near tears because we all knew that this song, and the music that night was what it was all about. We were just one of the bands that came in, put it all out there and packed up to go home - we all knew we really nailed it. That was one amazing band - that’s Guthrie Trapp on guitar, he’s now playing with Jerry Douglas so you know how incredible he is.”


Anonymous said...

Love this sound. Go Hicks!

Anonymous said...

Yes can change up the lyrics.
But his voice will make you stop
in your tracks on this video.