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Friday, September 21, 2007

Blogcritic: Joe Bonamassa, Sloe Gin

Sometimes I wonder just what the reviewers are smoking, when I wade through their reviews! This review from blogcritic (click here) is 80% about the reviewer, blogcritic, and the BC podcast. Oh yeah, and then two paragraphs about Joe's CD. Boy, I bet Joe is happy about that review:-) I haven't heard the disc, so I can't help you with any details. However, as I always say if you are a fan of Joe's buy the CD!!! Blues cats are having hard times right now. Think about how to make a living when gas is 3-4 dollars a gallon!!!! Add on top of that people that download your music for free! Personally I don't mind if you download my original music, since I need the exposure, but guys who have press already need the money. SO QUIT STEALING THEIR MUSIC!!! Steal mine instead:-)

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