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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey Chicago!! Join Gwen Mitchells Team: Hike For Lung Health

Gwen Mitchell runs one of the last real southside Chicago blues bars is seeking people to join her in the Hike For Lung Health. Here is an email that she sent out for people to join her. Also Gwen has suffered from a debilitating lung illness herself. So lets try to help out.

Donations or join my team

Gwen Mitchell-Lee's Unleaded

This year, I am participating in the Hike for Lung Health by joining a team
to help raise money for lung disease, research and education.

I will join thousands of others throughout the area to walk one or three
miles. I have joined the Hike for Lung Health, and am committed to raising
funds for the Respiratory Health Association (RHAMC) and its walk partners
as we aim to reduce the pain and suffering caused by lung diseases, the
third leading cause of death and disability in the United States.

Below is a link to my team page -- Please join my team and walk with us as
we work together in the fight against lung disease. Let’s walk!

Login to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support
Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago

Gwen Mitchell

I got this email from a friend who had posted it on the Yahoo blues list,
and asked him to write a little more about Gwen and her place
this is what he sent me:

Ms. Mitchell, as she's universally known, runs Lee's Unleaded Blues for the
owner, Stan "Sarge" Davis. Lee's is the very last of the older-era Chicago
clubs still running in its original location (it was formerly Queen Bee's
before Leola Grey --Ms. Lee-- took it over in the early '80s). Such
stalwarts as Lefty Dizz and Junior Wells played there in the old days;
after it became Lee's Unleaded, it was home base for Buddy Scott, an
unheralded but important figure on the South Side blues scene. (Ms. Lee
sold the club to Davis a few years ago and moved back to Mississippi, where
she lives with her husband Ray.) These days Johnny Drummer usually holds
down the gig on Saturdays; other artists --Super Percy, Shorty Mack, New
Orleans Beau-- perform there on various other nights.

Lee's is one of the most well-known Chicago clubs; it's been featured in
magazines, newspapers, and documentaries, and aside from its proud status as
a venerated neighborhood establishment it also regularly attracts patrons
from around the world. It's one of the relatively few venues, though, that
can (and often does) thrive entirely on the basis of its local
African-American patronage.

David W.

I also have a personal stake in this as well. My mother died of a chronic debilitating lung disease that was not smoke related. These things are terrible and can strike anyone, so please help the cause.

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