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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Lineup for 2007

Here is a link to the upcoming Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues show. One of the shows features Chris Thomas King who played TOMMY JOHNSON in the movie O Brother Where art thou. Now the reason I emphasised Tommy Johnson's name, is once again poor Robert Johnson was dragged through the mud as the Argus Leader claims that Chris King was playing Robert Johnson. Anyone who saw the movie remembers that Tommy Johnson was picked up on the crossroads just after he sold his soul to the devil. Tommy Johnson did say that he sold his soul to the devil on the crossroads to learn to play the blues. Somehow over the years that story was turned around and put on Robert. Most likely it is due to Robert Johnson's song Crossroads. Robert Lockwood Jr. insisted to the end of his life that his step father never sold his soul, or talked about selling his soul to play the blues. However, typical of most reporters too busy to even Google the facts, and once again Robert is down on the ol' crossroads selling his soul to play the blues. Sad indeed.

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