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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blues Historian: Tweed Funk, Love Is

Tweed Funk's latest release, Love Is,  is more than just funky goodness.  This is truly an eclectic collection of songs.  Yes, Tweed Funk can play funk, and they are damn good at it, but they can also do what I like to call a Memphis shuffle like no other.  They have a great southern soul sound that can only be found south of Kansas City and Memphis.  The band is very tight, and I can guarantee that they probably fill the dance floors wherever they play live, cause if they don't then the people in the bar are dead.  These guys grove like some of the best southern soul bands I have ever seen years ago in KC.  For the most part they do original music.  however their versions of Real Mother For Ya, and Sex machine rock. To buy their CD from the band directly Click HERE.

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