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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band

First, many thanks to lots of folks on this list for all the advice on how to deal with the back spasms/pain before last weeks showcase at the Winter Blues Fest. Yoga, massage, stretching, acupuncture, even the offer for some prescription pain pills were all offered up as temporary relief. In the end, two aspirin, my back brace, and the guys in the band all helped me work through it and a fun evening was had by all. Thank you for the healing wishes/vibes. I got to see my chiro on Tuesday. The good news: I don't hurt where I did last week. The bad news: I hurt in places I never have before! Sexagenarianism ain't for sissies!
Also, many thanks to the Central Iowa Blues Society for the invitation to the cool festival. We might have been a little out of our league compared to all those award winning bands, (most of them in Memphis this week for the International Blues Challenge) but it sure feels good knowing that CIBS went out of their way to include us in one of their events during this 30th anniversary year for The Blue Band. Thanks, we needed that!...
Tonight (Fri) will be the first time in over eight years that we'll have a completely different rhythm section. In recent years, either the bass player or the drummer has occasionally had to miss a gig. Tonight, both are gone. We are fortunate that Iowa Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame bass player, Muddy Watson, our usual bass substitute, has agreed to make the trip from Des Moines and John Rohlf, our newly found "official" drum substitute, will be part of the team. Usually substitutes know the songs better than I do. They actually listen to and study the recordings. I still tend to make up (forget?) arrangements on the spot. Either way, it should add a "new and exciting" aspect to the same old songs. The gig is a fundraising dance for the Waterloo Center For The Arts, 225 Commercial St., Waterloo ( Food, wine, beer, spacious dance floor, all ages permitted. What's not to like, right Avis? I think you can still get a $5 advance ticket. (call first thing this morning 319-291-4490) If you wait to get them at the door, they'll be $8. Drink wine and dance to support the arts. You can do this! We play 7-10:30ish...
Next Friday is SECOND FRIDAY! (2/10) You know what that means: It's The Hub, Bub. And we'll be celebrating Bob Guthart's birthday. Let's make him play guitar AND trombone AT THE SAME TIME! Someone needs to bring CAKE! Decorated in Packer green and gold!...
The radio shows are all new again this week. Backtracks is something I call the A,B,Cs of Vinyl ( Blue Avenue continues listening to nominees for the Blues Music Awards and also has some live recordings of Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band that Phil Maass recorded at last year's Linn County Blues Society Bluesmore Festival ( and The Beatles Medley was picked out by two listeners with the theme of Whatever Gets You Through The Night-songs about after hours! ( Turn me on, I'm your radio...
Speaking of Phil Maass, the Wizard of Wires has begun dialing in the sounds from the Hub Birthday Party recordings and it is sounding good (despite my "arrangements while you wait" and "I WROTE THE DAMN SONG, I DON'T NEED TO REALLY KNOW THE WORDS" attitude while making those recordings!) I'm gonna bet that he'll have all the audio mixing finished by the end of the month and then it's on to video mixing (something I've really never had hands-on experience with before) Frankly, I wish we had more gigs in the next couple of months, (nothing beats work for paying the mortgage) but if we're not workin' it'll be nice to be occupied with another part of the art of music making...
Speaking of needing work, keep spreading the True Blue word to your hometown festival committees, corporate party planners, neighborhood block parties, wedding celebrations, and local music halls. We can do anything from Jeff and me doing our duo to the 8 or 9 piece, full horn section, double drummer, revue. To get started on booking information, start here:
Wow! It's BEFORE 3am and I'm done with the radio shows AND The Blue Note. I wonder what I forgot to do. See ya on The Blue Highway, rub yer washboard tie to the tune of The Super Bowl Shuffle (I don't really have a favorite in the game, but for some unknown reason, I think it would be great if Eli had twice as many rings as Peyton) (and the game went into triple overtime) and always know that we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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