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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

WooHoo! Happy Blue Year!! This year's Blue Band 30th Anniversary Tour found us reconnecting with so many folks who have been a part of our successes along the way. Thank you. We're only gonna do this another 30 years, so get out soon and help make some more memories!...
It's simply the biggest party every year. The Happy Blue Year/Iowa Blues New Year celebration, Saturday night at The Hilton Garden Hotel in suburban Des Moines. There are still some tickets and a few rooms. The travel weather is predicted to be spectacular. Iowa piano master Tom Gary plays the upright piano in the lobby starting at 4:15p, Iowa Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer Tony Brown starts the Ballroom stage entertainment at 6pm, Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Joe Price starts the Garden Room entertainment at 7pm, the hors devour/light food buffet runs 8-11pm, The Blue Band does two shows in The Ballroom between 9p-12:45am, Erick Hovey (the slide guitar playing farmer from Fort Dodge) and last year's surprise favorites, Six Ways To Sunday play a set in both rooms, dessert and champagne at midnight and Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts will take it til 1:15am in The Garden Room. The complete schedule of all performers can be found at All tickets and room packages are available exclusively thru the hotel. Don't drink and drive, take the elevator home. Better yet, PARTY IN YOUR ROOM!! Stop out Friday night to pick up your tickets and catch a set by Rob Lumbard, he'll play the pre-party 9-mid. A rumor of a 2 Bobs & No Babe reunion is goin' around. Carolyn and I are also celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary so BRING CAKE! (you know we've already settled into being an "old married couple" when you hear that our Christmas/Anniversary gift exchange consisted of each of us buying 3 replacement windows for our house) (oh yeah, party with the Pella fellas)...
I have had the extreme good fortune to have had a hand in producing this multi-band, IOWA talent extravaganza on New Year's Eve for over 20 years at locations that have included The Des Moines convention center, The Embassy Suites Hotel, The Crown Plaza-Cedar Rapids, The Holiday Inn-West Des Moines (my last drink of alcohol, when Bryce Janey and I drained an entire bottle of Jim Beam Green label while we were tearing down and loading out after playing the Y2K New Years) (that's right, the two of us drank the whole bottle in about an hour. I might STILL be drunk from that episode) also a decade run at The Hotel Fort Des Moines (I loved that storied old place, which will be crawling with Politicos this weekend!) and now our third year at The Hilton Garden. I have had the chance to work with many Iowa artists on these shows. I am proud of the notion that an event of all Iowa talent can continue to draw an audience from around our state. Thanks to all the artists and music lovers for all the years, I hope we continue to get the opportunity to do this event for many years to come...
We do not have a gig for next weekend. And then, Jan. 13 & 14, ready or not here it comes, my BIG Uh-Oh birthday weekend (more info will be posted on our website homepage Starting Jan. 2) Friday the 13th will be recorded live at The Hub in Sparkle City, Saturday the 14th, a new place for us, The Bombay Bicycle Club in Clive. Both nights, Geeezer Gig hours and CAKE is always welcome...
I am SO far behind where I should be, as far as planning and packing for this two day event for New Years, that I think I'll wait til next week to give you a "State of The Blue Band" update, complete with a resolution to "who's playin' drums?" and our desire to use this first 30 years as a spring board to the next 30! Thanks again for coming along for the ride...
See yas on the (new) Blue Highway, but don't drive drunk, call yourself a cab. (YOU'RE A CAB!) Rub that washboard to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and always know that year after year, we love you. And CAKE...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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