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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

The Blue Family is wishing you good health and big smiles during this season of celebrations and hopes that Santa delivers all you deserve and you get your stocking stuffed accordingly! (stocking stuffer?) (YOU stuff 'er, you brought 'er) (perhaps this running gag should end) This 30th anniversary year of The Blue Band has allowed us to reflect on the goodle days and make plans for the NEXT 30 years. Thanks very much for being part of it. Remember, some live performances of Blue Christmas songs over the years can be heard at:
Speaking of the New Year, I can't believe this year's Happy Blue Year/Iowa Blues celebration is a week from tomorrow!! Almost half of the tickets are sold and the advertising for the event doesn't really kick in until next week, so you might want to get your tickets soon. (there are only 300) I suspect the sudden rush on tickets is because Pinkstuff's comedy has been added to the entertainment line-up and people can't wait to hear how she's gonna Roast me this year. The hotel is the only ticket outlet and yes, you can certainly come to the event without getting a room. But then, where will we have the after party? A minute by minute run down of the festivities as well as contact info for the Hilton Gardens Hotel can be found at And remember that Rob Lumbard (and friends) will provide entertainment on the Eve of New Years Eve, so let's just take over the hotel for the weekend and have some fun. HAPPY BLUE YEAR!! (who's bringing CAKE?) (this running gag will never end) (it's also my 2nd wedding anniversary. ANOTHER reason for CAKE)...
I got so excited about the NYE thing that I got ahead of myself. I wanted to invite you to join me for what will be my 38th out of the last 40 Christmas Eves, doing the LIVE Rockin' Xmas Eve show on Iowa Public Radio. It's all holiday songs, from all eras and all musical styles, many of the songs picked out by listeners. As you can imagine, 40 years of Xmas eves has made this show kind of a tradition for many families in the IPR broadcast region and now includes ex-Iowans who tune via internet streaming. Invariably, every year, I seem to get a call from someone who says "Bob, when I was growing up, my parents always had the Rockin' Xmas Eve show on in the background while our family gathered for our gift exchange and now, my kids have the show on as THEY host Christmas eve family gatherings" Calls like that are really gratifying and make me feel the Christmas spirit of love and family. It makes me feel great. It also makes me feel OLD! Anyway, the old geezer rocks up Christmas Eve again, tomorrow (Sat. night) 7-10pm. Comments/suggestions/salutations at 800-772-2440 ext. 5. I answer all the calls myself (no one else is working on Christmas Eve) so if you get thru, let it ring, I'll answer as soon as possible. Sunday's Blue Avenue blues show is a combination of Christmas blues and some of my "best of" picks for the year and The Beatles Medley is all Beatle Xmas. The Sunday shows run 5-7pm...
Speaking of OLD, in three weeks, I will qualify for the $2 discount at the HyVee Deli and Food Buffet. Holy CHRISTmas! (putting Christ back into Christmas for my aunt Dolores) (Dolores seems to be making a steady recovery from her surgery, so thank God for that) Well, some very wise and deep thinking individual once said "YOU'RE ONLY SIXTY ONCE" (I wish he wouldn't have shouted it so everyone could hear) so it's gonna be an entire weekend of CAKE opportunities. Friday January 13th is the hometown celebration (the BIG 6-0 on Friday the 13th, what could possibly go wrong?) at The Hub, 4th & Main, Sparkle City USA. I intend on playing as many songs that I have written, that we still do, during the night. I have no idea what we'll do for the other two sets! Phil Maass is bringing the remote recording machines (there will not be a recording of New Year's Eve this year) and I'm hoping to have guest appearances by many friends and hometown musicians. We play 6-9:30ish. But wait, there's MORE to Bob's Big Uh-Oh B-day weekend, Saturday Jan. 14, it's the BIG 6-0 in the BIG city at Bombay Bicycle Club, 8410 Hickman Rd. in suburban Des Moines. This is a relatively new club in Clive, the party is geeezer gig hours, 7-10pm, and I assume someone will bring CAKE! More info on the birthday party weekend in the weeks to come...
But the really BIG and prestigious gig of the month of January is our appearance at the Central Iowa Blues Society's Winter Blues Festival at the downtown Marriott in Des Moines. This is a fabulous gathering of blues fans from all over the midwest, with local, regional, and national talent, this year headlined by Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials from Chicago. Remember, our sax player, Eddie McKinley traveled with Lil Ed for awhile and is the sax player on a number of songs on The Imperials CDs, so this could be a reunion of sorts! Bryce Janey, who played in The Blue Band for 3 years, is also on the bill, so maybe we can have our own reunion! Get more info on this cool gathering, that raises money for the operation of the Blues Society, at
We are making slow but sure progress in auditioning drummer substitutes. We're very fortunate to have some very skilled people show interest in the gig, I should have more news on this in the coming week. The Chief has us covered thru the month of January, so I haven't set into PANIC mode yet (what? me worry?)...
Again, a wish for the happiest of holiday seasons to you, see yas on the Blue (Christmas) Highway, rub yer washboard to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, give love for Christmas, you already have ours. Meet ya under the mistletoe, baby! Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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