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Monday, October 31, 2011

Taylor Hicks: Whats Right Is Right

Probably somewhere buried in the archive I may have posted this, but I liked its soulfulness.  I was surprised that the video only has 47,500 views since it was posted in 2009.  To good of a musician, and video to have so few hits.  Lets add a few!


hdey said...

Wonderful song and classic video; thank you for (re)posting. That's Brian Gallagher on saxophone; I really enjoy his precise but expressive play.

Anonymous said...

Always loved this video. Taylor puts little things in his music that most don't even notice. The sax in this is outstanding.
We really need to support the independents by playing them more. Hard for them to get the attention a big label gives.

tishlp said...

I agree, too great of a musician and video to have so few hits. People are missing out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite song!! Thanks for the posting the video.

Can't wait to here what Taylor delivers on his upcoming album due out early next year!

pattiebelle said...

If you think this is good, you should be there for a live show and all the tags Taylor has added to this great song...quite an experience...

Anonymous said...

I love this video. I'm so happy to see it reposted. Taylor is on Fantastic singer.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite song of his!! Thanks for showcasing an amazing musician!

anne said...

This is one of my favorites on the cd...and love the bluesy bar vibe of the video. I agree with pattiebelle seeing Taylor do this at a live show is fantastic

Gr8fulheart said...

Love the song ~ Love the Artist! There has been only one other artist who has touched my heart as Taylor has.
We will be seeing Taylor around far into the future; while others will fade away into a foggy memory.
Thanx for posting this wonderful video for our viewing & listening pleasure.♥

Rayvis said...

Well said Blues-too great a musician and too good of a song-

The James Dean/film noir vibe of the loner who quietly goes about doing his job and singing about love without ever getting to experience it echoes quite well and
should be seen by more people-

Thanks for supporting Taylor and for reposting his first video-