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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

The "after the festival season, back to makin' the radio shows, oh my God (if there is one) (sorry Dolores) there's a lot of stuff to do before it snows" blues are here. Combine that with a 5-6 hour drive tomorrow (I have no clue how long it takes to get to LARCHWOOD IOWA, cuz we've never been to LARCHWOOD IOWA before) and all of a sudden I'm gettin' behinder and behinder. (behind 'er?, YOU be...) so this note has got to be just the facts, mammals...
TONIGHT (Fri) and Saturday too, we'll find ourselves less than 10 miles from Sioux Falls SD at the newest casino in the state of Iowa, Grand Falls Casino and Resort. We do three shows nightly, starting at 8pm. It's been a long time since we've traveled so far to an area that we've never played before. We didn't make it out to Okoboji this summer, so hopefully, some of those NW Iowa folks will make the drive over. Bring yer good luck charm and your dancin' shoes and LET'S GET LUCKY!! More on the casino and hotel:
Next week, our only show is a private wedding party...
Two weeks from tonight is our return date at the Campbell/Steele Gallery. Last April, our first time in that storied venue, the 135 tickets sold out before the night of the show. The small room intimacy really makes this a special evening. And it's GEEEEZER GIG hours (7-10pm) Get your tickets (they're only $5) before they sell out again!
And then, the great granddaddy of all the vineyard gigs, the annual harvest/anniversary at Tabor Home Vineyard. You've probably joined us for one of these. (this year is the vineyards 15th Anniversary) If you haven't, make plans now. It's the premiere end of summer event. More info:
All of the radio shows are brand new this weekend. If you made a request for last Saturday's LIVE Backtracks program and didn't hear it, chances are really good you'll hear it this week. The show starts at 7p, the leftover requests run 8-9:30p. More info on Backtracks: More info on the Sunday evening blues show Blue Avenue:
We've got WAY too many open weekends for the Holiday season. Please keep spreading the True Blue word to your company party planner, favorite casino or watering hole, or neighborhood celebration. We'd love to play those Blue Xmas songs for your festivities. (Can you BELIEVE that the Farm and Fleet store already has their Christmas merchandise out?) (can you believe that I shop at Farm and Fleet?)...
Playing a private function next week, I'm likely to take the week off from writing the Blue Note (how can you miss me if I don't go away?) I'm gonna have to hit the Blue Highway pretty early (the crack of noon) to make the 6pm load-in/sound check time in LARCHWOOD, so I gotta go. Bring your rabbit's foot (people always say a rabbit's foot is good luck, but it didn't really work for the rabbit) rub yer washboard to the tune of Lucky Man, celebrate hitting the jackpot by ordering CAKE for everyone in the band, and lucky or not, always know that we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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