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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taylor Hicks

interesting stage.  I would get dizzy playing on that:-)  I actually played on one of those years ago in Kansas City.  You just kinda of stare in one place and you are alright.


medolark said...

Beautiful.......thanks for posting. I've been moving and am way out of contact with everybody. Finally got pc connected. Taylor has a beautiful voice and I enjoy it when he showcases it in a slow song.

Blues Historian said...

Hi Medolark

Thanks for posting. I am feeling much better about the future of the blues. Between Taylor Hicks, Keb Mo, Cee Lo Green, and a good 40 to 50 southern soul artist currently touring the south, the blues is in the best shape for the future in years. I know up north that bands are still struggling, and I don't have any easy answers for them. It just seems that right now the Southern blues scene is better organized, much better in-tuned with the internet, and have stayed true to the old Malaco, Memphis sound. I hope to have a post up later tonight with the latest top 40 of southern soul, and Hopefully some videos.



Judy said...

Thank you for the beautiful song by Taylor. Love his voice..