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Friday, March 4, 2011

Taylor Hicks: Why Cant We Live Together

Another video of Taylor Hicks.  Won't comment on the keyboard playing:-)  But he does play a lot of instruments


medolark said...

I appreciate that Taylor keeps his concerts fresh. I hadn't seen him play the organ before but he loves every aspect of making music so I'm not at all surprised that he's learning another instrument. Thx 4 posting this vid.

Anonymous said...

Sure he's not the best organist around, but loves that he keeps throwing us surprises! He gives it his all, every time!

Gr8fulheart said...

His organ playing caught me off guard at first, but as always, he is introducing us to another aspect of his srtistry. Every concert leaves the attendance wanting more.
Hope he includes this next month when I have the opportunity to see him live in Snoqualmie.
Thanx Tom, for including this video. Thumbs Up!♥

heartandsong said...

What keeps me following/listening to Taylor Hicks are his passion for music that touches the heart (blues, joy, friendship, love) -- & his passion for positive causes (as represented in this song). Thanks for sharing this video on your site!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the leg keeping the beat, the fact that Taylor never has a dull moment on stage, is REAL, his music and his band keep it REAL, his voice and the way he is not afraid to try something new. That's a lot of love! Taylor channeling a little Ray.

Anonymous said...

We know Taylor is no organ virtuoso, but the fact that he tries to surprise us every tour makes me appreciate him more. The arrangement is the standout here. with Jeff being the other star. Taylor Hicks never disappoints. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a message and beautifully delivered.No more war,no more war.I love that he is learning to perform with yet another instrument. Love the man and his music! Taylor is versitile enough that it makes his concerts full of surprises for our enjoyment. His magic is there as he encompases his world of entertainment. Thanks for this treat.

Anonymous said...

That is my video. He was sooo good! Taylor shows a lot of passion for his music. Be sure to watch the same song from Tunica.

tishlp said...

I was there, my first Taylor Hicks concert since 2009. Taylor and his wonderful band were worth the wait. This was my favorite song of the night. Taylor's voice filled the whole theater!! Thanks for supporting Taylor and his music. :-)

Anonymous said...

What I love about Taylor is that he never ceases to surprise the audience and the Soul Patrol. No he's not the best on the organ, but at least he's not afraid to try. I'd be too scared of the negativity.
Boy he really is doing a Ray Charles bit isn't he? Love Taylor a lot-and thanks for always supporting him on this blog>

Unknown said...

An interesting choice for the beginning of the latest tour. Can't wait to see how we will compare later versions of the same song to the early performance.

Love the richness of Taylor's voice on this song. Beautiful!

Thanks for shining the limelight on the latest videos.