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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Down Loading My Music For Free.

I have talked about other artists having their music stolen on the internet, and I even found a few of my songs out there as well, but this really concerns me.  I was on a file sharing page and this is what I found.

Tom Gary Blues Band

Search: Tom Gary Blues Band
File Name: Tom Gary Blues Band.rar
Last Download: 1/4/111 
Number of Downloads:157894
High Speed Status: AVAILABLE

It is not that my music was stolen, but it is hard to tell what all of that means.  It shows Tom Gary Blues Band, and the number of downloads at 157,894!  If it is the album then I am out 1,578,940 $  If is just the single then I am out 150,000 $  I don't know how true this is.  I find it unlikely that, that many people would download my CD, but it is troublesome that you can download my art and if that many people downloaded it, then I really got screwed.  I didn't invest a couple of thousands dollars, which I never got back (so i lost money on the CD) to have a couple hundred thousand people STEAL MY SONGS!  

I will have to do more research, but needless to say this hurts!

Blues Historian

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