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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Have you ever experienced the panic of losing your wallet? On New Year's Eve? With all the checks to pay 7 acts in that wallet? Loaded with more year end cash than a sane person should EVAH carry? And you realized you didn't have that wallet 5 seconds after you got the word that the soundman for one of the stages was nowhere to be found and showtime is in 2 minutes? And the phone number you have for that missing soundman is in your wallet? And you can't get back in your hotel room to look for your wallet because the key to the room is in your wallet? Well, I have. And then, about a half hour later, I felt even more embarrassed and Alzheimer's afflicted when I found that wallet right where I left it so I wouldn't forget to take it...
But that's not important now, cuz we're heading back to the Cherokee Jazz & Blues Festival for the weekend. It's our first trip back to this festival since 2007. Multiple venues and LOTS of great national, regional, and Iowa talent including Iowa City piano wizard David Zollo & The Body Electric, the slide guitar playing farmer from Fort Dodge Erick Hovey, and Kansas City Blues Challenge winners Levee Town. The Blue Band plays at the Cherokee VFW Hall (113 E. Maple St.) Friday night 9-mid and at the Cherokee Bowl (Hwy. 59 S.) Saturday night 10p-1am. Great talent, very affordable price for a wristband that allows access to all venues, and people that love to party, all in a little town in western Iowa (Cherokee is just a little northeast of Quimby and a little south of Cleghorn) Everything you'd ever want to know about the festival can be found at
And speaking of party, next Friday, Jan. 14 is my annual 28th birthday party (seems like I just had one of these last year, didn't I?) at my favorite hometown club, The Hub, bub, 4th and Main, Sparkle City USA. Bring yer dancin' shoes and CAKE! And it's perfect hours for us old geeeezers! We play 6-9:30p. This is my last birthday before turning dangerously old, so don't miss it if you can...
And if you still haven't satisfied your party thang, consider joining us Sat. Jan. 22 at The 503 Nightclub in Iowa Falls (503 Estes Street) I'm not sure we're sposed to be advertising this date (you won't tell anyone will you?) as it's primarily a birthday party for two of the bar's biggest patrons, but if anyone asks, just tell 'em I'M WITH THE BAND!! We play 9-mid...
We added a few more dates to the 30th Anniversary Tour this week ( (but still have not heard of any possibilities for the State Fair) Please keep reminding your local festival's entertainment committee about us, or how 'bout that garage or deck party at your house this spring?...
The radio shows are both brand new editions this week, with Backtracks (Sat. 7-10p) including a full hour celebrating what would have been Elvis Presley's 76th birthday (The King was a Capricorn) and Blue Avenue (Sun. 5-6:30p) starting what will be a multi week survey of this year's nominees for The Blues Music Awards, to be given out by The Blues Foundation in Memphis the first week of May (if you're a member of the Blues Foundation, you can vote for your favorites for the year, more info: Get the frequency of your closest Iowa Public Radio station, or listen via streamed audio at
It's the time of year when recreational walking is back at the mall. That means four trips past Vicky's Place (Victoria's Secret) It's the same specials this winter as last! Buy a bra, get one half off. What did we decide last year? Does half off mean one completely uncupped or two loosely covering the nipples? And what's so "special" about 5 panties for $25? I can get a package of 6 Hanes tighty whities for 8 bucks! And, if you're like me, you'd rather get something half off at Vicky's place than something 75% off at the GNC store...
See yas on the Blue Highway (all roads lead to Quimby, then take a right to get to Cherokee), rub yer washboard to the tune of Indian Reservation-The Lament of the Cherokee Nation (Paul Revere and The Raiders' only #1 song) Always take your wallet on stage (this is now the first rule of show business surpassing The Show Must Go On) With all these birthdays goin' on, SOMEBODY bring CAKE, and always remember that we love you. Now, where's my keys? Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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