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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rod "Beachhead" Jeffery RIP

From Bob Corritore

RIP Rod 'Beachhead' Jeffery February 26, 2010. This sad news in from Colin Briscoe of Sydney, Australia, who reports "Rod “Beachhead” Jeffrey, one of the pioneering Australian bluesman, and vocalist with the band Beachhead, passed away on Friday, February 26th, after a long and arduous fight with cancer."Rod's bio indicates that his major activities took place in the 1980s and his influence and blues contribution, in his community was great. To see Ron "Beachhead" Jeffery's website, filled with photos and information, click here.


marcelflisiuk said...

This is very sad to hear.Mr Beachead was a good man that was on my fathers network.My dear father died a very tragic death on October 29 of last year.

Teresa Chrzanowski said...

Rod Beachhead was on one of our networks: My husband, Michal Flisiuk shared with Rod the passion for music; Michal Flisiuk was a historian expert on Jazz/Blues New Orleans' music. Our daughter, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot was murdered in New Orleans' hospital, and her father, Michal Flisiuk was burned to death in front of the hospital on October 29, 2009, where our daughter died two years earlier. See:
Rod could not get over Michal Flisiuk's inferno death. He was a good person, friend, and a passionate musician. When he had not wrote back for 2 weeks, we feared that he is diseased, hoping for the best.
We Love you Mate ( he used that word).
You will be missed.
Teresa Chrzanowski Flisiuk

Gossip Gardener said...

Beachy and I were internet friends for years yet never met--he was in Australia, me in the US. But he called every Christmas. And he also sent the funniest, raunchiest, least politically correct emails at least every other day. I felt as close to him as to any of my longtime friends I see all the time. We talked about every subject imaginable. Music, of course, but also love, politics, our dogs and just about every aspect of the human condition. I loved the man, actually. He was amazing and wonderful.