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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Let's see. My wife's house passed the inspector's eye and the buyer wants to own the place in 18 days. She's got a lifetime of accumulated stuff that needs to be moved over here. I've already got a lifetime of accumulated stuff here. I know, let's have a garage sale. STARTING IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS!! 1019 W. 10th St. right here in Sparkle City. Tomorrow too. I had a rant all ready to go about Menards (I've been there 4 times in the last 36 hours) displaying/selling HALLOWEEN stuff already, (booooo) but I still have to make some signs and get some change for the sale, so that'll have to be for another note... See ya tonight (Friday the 13th) on 2nd St. in Traer for The Winding Stairs Festival. We play 8-mid. More info, check their very cool poster: In addition to all their festivities, The Blue Band will be celebrating the birthday of our road manager, Dennis MacRunnel (something fitting about his birthday on Friday the 13th, wouldn't you say?!) He doesn't play a note, but I doubt I would have carried on without his help. Happy Birthday Mr. Stage Manager!...
Tomorrow (Sat. the 14th) finds us part of the Cedar Trails Festival right here in Sparkle City USA. We provide the entertainment prior to the Night Ride. It's REALLY cool to watch hundreds of bikers (pedal, not motor) of all generations take off from Gateway Park and ride the trails in the dark aided by some of the most unusual bike lights I've ever scene (I still like people who just duct tape a flashlight to the handlebars the best) We play 7-10p. Iowa Hall of Famer and Blue Band alum Ron DeWitte will join us for that one!...
And next week will mark the 25th Anniversary of our first gig at The Iowa State Fair. I think we've seen the same stage named about 5 different things in that quarter of a century. See yas Sat/Sun (not Fri/Sat like it's been in recent years) on the AE/TV8 stage, Sat. 7 & 9pm, Sun. 5:30 & 7:30pm. More on this, next week...
See yas on the movin' Blue Highway (and at the garage sale in 90 minutes (tomorrow too)) Rub yer washboard tie to the tune of You MOVE Me, Baby, don't forget to bring Funnel CAKEs, and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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