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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

From Bob Dorr

I continue to hear from people who had been victims of the misplaced . (dot) and are now (finally) getting regular delivery of these notes again. I never knew the angst a misplaced . could bring until I heard from my longtime friend Chuck: Hey, Bob, You know what? I was one of the e-mail non-recipients over the past several months. It’s kind of funny (sad-funny, maybe pathetic) how a neurotic reacts to his awareness of “Oh, I haven’t been receiving any Blue Notes for awhile. Hmm, quite a while, really. Hmm…”. The thoughts run from, “Maybe it’s our SPAM filter.” to “Maybe it’s our server (somehow?).” to “Maybe our IT guy is specifically blocking The Blue Band’s sending address because he ‘SEES’ me spending too much time reading the Blue Notes.” to “Maybe my ‘subscription’ ran out.” to “Maybe I should’ve sent Bob another ten bucks for the post card performance schedules.” to “Maybe Bob’s still irritated that I quoted too many lines from a Springsteen song on the website’s blog one time.” to “Maybe Bob’s mad at me for 1) not going to his wedding, 2) not sending a card or gift, 3) not even acknowledging it with a ‘Best Wishes’ e-mail.” Anyway, I am sorry about all of those things. And the personal neuroses (and other deficits) mostly cover the reasons of why I don’t/can’t/won’t perform simple acts of cordiality and friendship, but that’s not an excuse (and it doesn’t even play as one within my own mind). I just view myself as an “episodic jerk”; sometimes the episodes are longer than others. But here’s the kicker: it doesn’t even OCCUR to me to just send Bob a quick e-mail saying. “Say, I haven’t seen a Blue Note for awhile. Did you discontinue, or should I look into our company’s e-mail processing?” At least then you would’ve gotten the feedback that “something is amiss”. Oh well, play the cards you’re dealt, Chuck, don’t make excuses, don’t rewrite history, and, by the way, you could use a shave.
Sometimes a misplaced . (dot) is just a . (dot) that's out of place...
I'm really looking forward to Saturday night's gig in Okoboji. (7/10) It's ReMax weekend, the weather is predicted to be ideal, the concert site has a postcard view of the lake, Sam Salomone is driving his big organ up for the show, rumor has it that Gary King might stop by to play a song or two, our longtime friend Joe Cuttell is flying in from California to play second guitar, and Al is bringing along a new young sax phenom (Robert Espe) to team with in the horn section! We're talkin' a possible 9 piece band at some time! Show time is 7:30-10:30p. Get there early and go thru the Iowa Rock 'n' Roll Music Association Hall of Fame, which is adjacent to the Green Space concert area. This is gonna be cool. Who's bringing the mango CAKE?!...
We're playin' a lot in the next six weeks (wow, just like bein' in a real travelin' band again!) In the next few weeks: Sat. July 17 The Nevada Firemen's dance 8-11p (that's the town of Nevada, east of Ames, not the state of Nevada, west of Utah) Sun. July 18 Colfax Party in the Park before and after the fireworks Thurs. July 22 The Gazeeeeebo Gig, Central Park, Grinnell 5:30-7:30p Fri. July 23 The Hub Geezer Gig (summer hours-7-10:30p) 4th & Main, Sparkle City USA, this is our only nightclub date of the summer Sat. July 24 The annual Davenport Bix Street Festival, 2nd & Main, Davenport (home of the Sudlow Tigers, my Jr. High school) 7:30-9:30p
We're in the home stretch with the remodeling project! The kitchen cabinets are in, the counter tops were installed yesterday, the floor tile is set, our friend Bear, who's been working at the Amana appliance plant for 35 years helped us order the fridge, dishwasher, and microwave, which are expected Monday (between noon and 4pm) (what, the appliance delivery company is now a subsidiary of the cable company?) I'm in my sixth month of living in a construction zone. The end is so near, yet so far away-the contractor goes on vacation Monday! What?? But we're so close...
Larry the Band Truck got all the dimples from the April hail storm repaired this week and passed the annual DOT road inspection (after getting the rear brakes repadded) so we'll be seein' ya on the Blue Highway and playin' our zydeco tie on the beach (rub it, rub it good). Do remember that sometimes a . (dot) is just a . (dot) no matter how misplaced it might be and CAKE cures most known neuroses! And no matter where you put yer . (dot), always know that we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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