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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Beatles: I Dig A Pony, Get Back

The very end of the movie Let It Be, with two great songs, I Dig A Pony by John, and Get Back by Paul.  A fitting ending to a great band.  Not the official last recordings of the band, because later that summer they would record Abby Road, which was the project that the Beatles worked on together. However, the film Let It Be would come out in 1970, and the Beatles were done by then. 

I am a former Beatle freak.  I have every album, and usually a original Capital, and Apple version as well.  Back in the 90s I found the blues and sort of left the Beatles behind, but for some reason lately I have really missed them.  I realized that I don't even have all their albums on CD!  I also realized a few weeks ago that in September John Lennon would have been 70 years old!  YIKES!  Also sadly he has been gone for almost 30 years.  George has been gone for 9 years.  Time certainly flies way too quickly. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy this video which is over 40 years old! 

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