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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

OK, I admit it, I seem to be easily confused these days (my "marketing demographic" would suggest that I'm ready to buy a Buick and drive it to the Ozaarks so I could look at retirement property) but what's up with The Big 12 now having 10 teams and the Big 10 now having 12 teams? Aren't these "conferences" made up of mostly state universities where our "best and brightest" are sent to be educated to lead us into the next decade? (and get good jobs so they can pay for my social security so I can buy a Buick and retire in the Ozaarks) Heck, the Big 10 has had 11 teams for years now. (oh, I take that back, they have Northwestern, which is really the token "smart guy" school and doesn't really qualify as a team) One would think that the Mathematics Department of at least one of the 10 or 12 schools (Northwestern being "The Harvard of the Midwest" would be the obvious choice) could point out the startling difference! And now, to add to my confusion, I hear the Pac 10 has added an eleventh team and is hoping to add one more! What the HECK is going on here???...
Using that kind of math, I'd like to tell you about the seven gigs The Blue Band has this weekend. But reality and my strange compulsion for the truth (something the executives at BP could use some training in) (ooops, don't get me started on that) dictates that I tell you we only have two gigs, but they're really cool gigs, so maybe they count for more, I don't know. Gig #1 happens this evening (Fri) at Walker/Johnston Park, about 90th and Douglas Ave. in Urbandale (suburban Des Moines). Beer drinking starts at 4:30p, the Blue Band starts around 5p and plays until at least 8p with beer drinking continuing until at least 8:30p. Proceeds go to the USA (Urbandale Sports Association) so they can help fund youth and adult sports activities throughout the year. Where else can you drink beer in a city park AND benefit your community at the same time? Right, Avis? I am told there is a rain site (I just haven't been told where that might be!) so it's a rain or shine thing. Then Saturday the tour continues down I-35 to Kansas City MO, where they've got some crazy little women (but I've already got me one) and a cool little shopping area known as Zona Rosa, which is about 10 or 12 miles (depending on which conference you're in) northwest of downtown. There is a beautiful little park in that district and we play there 6-9pm Our appearance is part of the Zona Rosa Summer Concert Series, with more info/directions available at: Our thanks to the Jeff Todd Music Agency for getting us this gig!...
Next week, we play Friday evening for the Charles City (Chucktown) Party In The Park 5-9p and Sunday evening for Sparkle City's yearly 4 day extravaganza Sturgis Falls Days. Cedar Falls Cablevision is coming out to video tape us, so come on out to Tourist Park, 5:30-7:30p and be part of the video shoot! More on these gigs next week...
The pressing of our New Years Eve cd (Blue Moon Honeymoon) has been delayed due to waiting on the licensing process for the cover material we used (I've got plans to write two albums worth of original material after I get that property in the Ozaarks so I never have to jump thru those licensing hoops again) but I'm told that we'll have them next week for that Sturgis Falls appearance. Tour shirts are available in black, white, and light blue with any profits from shirt sales to be given to cancer research and gulf coast cleanup efforts. Check out the merchandise at the merch table at all live shows. We'll get the new items posted on the Merch page of the website ( as soon as the cd gets here...
I was going to tell you about the progress on the house construction and mention that my wife's nice little bungalow is now for sale, but the National Weather Service has just issued a severe thunderstorm warning (duh, it's been raining heavily and lightning for the last half hour) so I'm gonna shut it down and go look for water in the remaining 3 rooms that I can still live in here in the house. See yas on the I-35 Blue Highway, rub yer washboard tie at 12th St. and Vine, bring 10 or 12 CAKES (Mango flavored for summer) and always remember we love you! Bob Dorr & The Blue Band
PS: I'm proud to say that I (the analog man living in a digital world) have discovered the problem area that's been going on for awhile now with the Blue Note data base. I have also found a simple way to remedy the problem. If you know of someone that had been part of the list, but no longer seems to be receiving the notes, please let them know I have the fix and they should contact me at

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