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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blues Historian Review: Kirk Fletcher, My Turn

I have seen the future of the blues and it is Kirk Fletcher!  I have always wanted to say that and I hope that it ends up on some future blurb for Kirk Fletcher.  However, being silly aside, I think I might be right.  If you have missed Freddie King, and Albert King, then Kirk is the guy you have been missing. Fletcher has the right idea, much like either Freddie or Albert he has plenty of cool instrumentals to go along with his vocals.  He seems to like to alternate tracks between vocal and instrumentals. Fletcher also has a great voice.  El Medio Stomp opens up the cd and it made me smile right from the start. The song is a good instrumental in the style of Stevie Ray, or Freddie King. From there on it is a great run of Texas blues to the end, when a Hendrix inspired song Continents End finished the CD off. Fletcher mentions the Hendrix influence in the liner notes of the cd, and you certainly can hear it, but it is the Texas influence that really comes across.

The nice thing about My Turn is that both the blues purists, and the causal listener will find this a great disc. The purists will appreciate Fletcher's strong catalog of blues songs, while the regular listener will hear what they think is Stevie Ray and Hendrix.  This is probably one of the better discs I have heard this year, and I must admit that for the first time in a long time I am starting to get excited about the future of blues.   Who knows if Fletcher will become the next big thing, but he does you heard it here first!

If you would like a copy check it out at Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

There's also a strong Larry Carlton feel to Kirk's phrasing...very jazzy and not prone to the usual cliches.
(Travis must be flattered)
Kirk is chameleon -like, can sound like many people from phrase to phrase.
I love the way, on every CD of his, he changes the guitar tone during soloing, again this is done after a few bars.
Creates tension and also breaks up any hint of monotony.
I wish more Blues guitarists would do this . Instead they just use the same tone on every song.
Kirk is the finest around.
"My Turn" & his earlier CD "Shades Of Blue" hardly leave my CD player.

Unknown said...

"Blues For Antone"

It's another brick in this great blueswall ...

Yes i'm game: Fletcher hardly leave my players

See also Josh Smith (both are good friends in playing together...)