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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lucky Peterson

Old footage of the amazing Lucky Peterson. Lucky is one of the most underrated, blues guitarists, and performers out there today. Lucky should be a household name, but for some reason it hasn't happened yet. check out this video and see what I am talking about.


I had to change videos since the original was deleted by either youtube, or the person who posted it. Here is a live video of Lucky from a few years ago.


 Okay, so lets try this again.  Last time I am going to post a Lucky Peterson clip.  I don't know who is keeping his videos off youtube, but they are not helping him by doing that.  Lucky needs exposure, because people don't know who he is outside of his devoted fan base.  If people don't see and hear him, then they are never going to know who he is


Blues Guitar Man said...

Thanks for posting the video. Your right, he should be more recognized. In fact, I had never heard of him before.

Great phrasing and tone. A true blues man plays with his hands. He threw in a nice little finger tapping, too.


Blues Historian said...

thanks for the positive comments. Lucky has been around since the 80s, but hasn't gotten anywhere near the attention he deserves.

I noticed someone gave him a so so so rating on my quick reactions. I just gotta think WTF? Oh-well can't please everyone:-)

Anonymous said...

How can Lucky be reached for bookings in the mid-Atlantic area?

Frank 240.654.2796

Christian said...

I came across a copy of Double Dealin' by accident. A friend's house had been burglized, and the CD was laying on the floor with lots of other strewn stuff. Until then, I thought I was up on all the hot blues guitarists, by Lucky kicks more ass than most. I have since found some more albums, and have listened to some of the older releases on MySpace - he deserves to be right up there! He keeps far too low a profile, and should be much more prominent on the live scene - when I was in the US last year, I really tried to find any available info on any gig anywhere, but came up with nothing. I would also like to know how to reach him to set up a gig or two - I am active in the music business both in South Africa and Scandinavia.


Christian said...

correct email:

Blues Historian said...

HI Frank and Christian

I would love to help you but I have no clue either how to contact Lucky. Hopefully one of Lucky Peterson's agents, or perhaps himself will see this post and contact you. If I find something I will post it here.

Tom Gary
Blues Historian

Anonymous said...

Lucky can be seen every Friday and Saturday night at Tuckers Blues located on 2617 Commerce St in Dallas Texas. Come and enjoy him and his lovely wife Tamara who sings. There are also other great performers too. The club is nice and the owners are fantastic. Spread the word, he needs the support.

coopster2u said...

Lucky Peterson is a Legend, this man needs to be on some late night shows, music awards shows etc. Lucky is a beast on guitar and hammond organ.he maybe the hardest working blues artist performing today. Check out his new CD Every second a Fool is Born.

SGW said...

Hi all my Name is Steven Washington SGWPRODUCTIOINS@YAHOO.COM i have been working for lucky for the past 13 yrs sorry info is not out like it should but we are always trying to update and keep him in the fore front please any info or bookings you may need contact me.

Thanks 0012146098899

Blues Historian said...

HI Steve

Thanks for posting. Hopefully people interested in booking Lucky will contact you. If Lucky has a TV spot coming up let me know so I can plug it on the blog.

Tom Gary
Blues Historian