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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

S-N-O-W?! I was convinced that global warming was beneficial for me when I was enjoying the 60 degree temps last week, but Noooooooo, the ground is now totally covered by snow here in Sparkle City and the reality of winter for the next 90 days is blowing in on the north wind. Damn...

TONIGHT! (Fri.) It's the First Friday gig at The Hub, 4th & Main, in downtown Sparkletown. We'll be playing 4 or 5 of our Christmas tunes as well as fan favorites and we'll have some merch specials for Holiday shoppers. I love this gig. Pizza by the slice, great sound system, roomy dancefloor, and cool company. Bunky and Doug Huey will make up the horn section. Like Avis says, "what's not to like?" We play 6-9p, bring fruitCAKE!!...

Unfortunately, Santa has not brought us any more gigs for the rest of the month, until the BIG New Year's Eve/Wedding extravaganza. We're still hoping for that last minute gig in your basement or a club cancellation fill in gig. Let us know if you need last minute Holiday entertainment...

Today (12/3) was the 30th anniversary of my current half-time position at UNI Broadcasting Services. It's exactly 28 days before my retirement date. YIKES! That makes me think (and panic) too much...

Speaking of the radio shows, Saturday night, 7-10p will be another LIVE Backtracks Rock 'n' Roll history show (advance requests, just respond to this note) and Sunday, the Blue Avenue show will start a 3 week survey of the best blues releases of 2009. If you want to be hip to the 2009 blues scene, but you've only got three hours to invest in your hipness (?), I suggest the first hour (5-6p) of the next three Blue Avenue shows. You'll be SO hip, you'll probably just be walking around screaming IT'S THE BLUES, BABY!! (it doesn't get any hipper than that) More info:

Central Iowans: I've been invited by TV8 to be a "celebrity phone answerer" next Tuesday evening during the Toys For Tots promotion that runs during the TV8 newscasts. (they must be desperate for "celebrities" if I'M on the list!) I'll be answering phones 5-7pm, so make that call, we'll chat...

The Hilton Garden Hotel says that room packages/ticket sales for the NYE bash/wedding are really going well and we're all hoping for a sellout (there's only 400 tickets) Carolyn and I would love to have you dance I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock'n'Roll with us after the ceremony. And don't forget about wedding CAKE! Get reservations at

I am being interviewed by the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier in 7 hours about my "retirement", so I gotta sleep (BTW, IPR and I are VERY close to finalizing the deal for me to continue producing Backtracks and Blue Avenue as an independent producer) Be careful on the slippery Blue highway, play your zydeco tie to the tune of Santa's Got A Lot On His Mind (speaking of lots, I've got a very nice 3 bedroom house for sale, all reasonable offers considered) (Christ, I'd even consider an unreasonable offer at this point!) (how's that for putting Christ back into Christmas?) and always remember we love you! Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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