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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Have we talked about my lawn watering neurosis this summer? I don't THINK so. But(t) first...

Don't forget that we had to cancel our Friday night date at The Mill in Iowa City. Good bass players are hard to find...

Saturday, 8/1, is the first ever Celebrate Your Senses town celebration in Washington IA. Among the many senses to be celebrated is the sense of humor of one of the celebration organizers, Craig Swift, who apparently got assigned giving us directions (despite my notorious reputation for not being able to take or follow direction) and forwarded these words of wisdom on how to get to the street dance:


My wife, Barb Swift, asked me to send you directions to the little soiree in Washington Saturday night. I won't say anything about directionly challenged as the next time I get lost - I'm cooked. I know you guys are coming from all over, but as I recall from your interview with the local station, Iowa City seems to be the best place to direct you from. I figure if someone can't find Iowa City, then we probably won't see them on Saturday night in any case. So here's the deal:

Really short quick version:

Take southbound 218 out of Iowa City until you reach the Ainsworth exit - take the westbound off ramp - you will be on hwy 92 - continue on 92 to Washington. Stay on 92 through town until you reach a large Baptist church sign on the right side of the road (Take a right there). You are now on Marion Ave. Follow that two blocks to Washington's square. The north side will be blocked off for the festivities.

The longer more interesting and informative version:

Find yourself to Riverside Drive in heart of Iowa City - get in the southbound lane. Follow it past the airport to where it becomes an on ramp to southbound 218. Now it is time to sit back flip on the cruise control and watch the cornfields fly by. You will pass the Hills exit (notice that there are no hills there) and as you slide out of Johnson county and into Washington you will pass the Riverside exit keep going past it as well, you already did a gig at the casino. Continue until you are approaching the Ainsworth exit. There is a large truckstop located there for your convenience. Take the westbound exit which will put you onto hwy 92 and through the center of Ainsworth - it has posted limit signs which are best heeded, as it is frequently a source of income for the county sheriff. Hwy 92 will take you directly into Washington. Stay on the four lanes past Catfish's house and the State Theater, you will then curve around and find yourself at a gas station and a stoplight. After going through the stoplight turn right at the next street near the really big scary Baptist Church sign. You are now on Marion, just drive north until you find a bunch of people that look like they're Celebrating their Senses out on the square. You should be able to pull up along the barricades where we have blocked off Main Street for the dance.

So, Blue People, need I say more? We are fortunate that Tom Cooper III, the 5 string bass player in the funk and groove band Soul Fusion, has the night off from his band and will join us on bass (you know you are getting old when you're hiring your friend's kid to play bass) and Dave Sharp will Join Al in the horn section. The festivities happen all day long and are family friendly. We play 9-midnight...

Next Friday 8/7 marks our return to Old Settlers Days in Corydon. We've moved to the earlier time slot, on the concert stage, starting around 7pm (I think) (I might have to get that detail to you next week!) and Sat 8/8 has us part of the Cedar Trails Festival. The Hearst Center For The Arts is sponsoring our appearance as the pre-nightride entertainment at Gateway Park, right in the center of the universe, Sparkle City USA, starting at 7pm. More on these dates next week...

I'm really happy with the way the Blue Avenue radio show turned out this week. There's an 8 minute spotlight on the song Grits Ain't Groceries (Eggs Ain't Poultry, and Mona Lisa Was A Man) and an entire half hour of Kings Of The Blues. That's Sunday evening 5-6:30pm. Find out more/listen on line at

Well, I'm outta time and space, so I'll have to talk about standing in the yard with my waterin' hose in my hand (YIKES!) next week. (there's GOT to be a blues song in there somewhere) Follow those directions on the Blue Highway, keep yer eye out for spare bassmen/women, spread the word that we need work (and CAKE) (to properly celebrate Jill's birthday) and always remember we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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