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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taylor Hicks: Seven Mile Breakdown

The official Taylor Hicks video for his new hit single Seven Mile Breakdown.


medolark said...

Gritty down home Southern style. Enjoyed the vid. Taylor has the right vocals for this song and he co wrote it. Ü

Carolyn said...

Love listening to Taylor sing this song! Love watching him, too! He's lookin' good, and this is a good upbeat video to go with it. Thanks for posting it!

jerseyirish said...

Loved the video, with its little country charm to it. Taylor was just perfection!!!


Anonymous said...

This gives me the idea that Taylor can sing just about anything he wants to. I love this one.

woo said...

blues, country rock...why does everything have to have a label? How about good organic music and pictures that are true to the artists vision. That's what this is. Thx BH

Anonymous said...

I like this...he's pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Well now, hot and enjoyable. Go Taylor! Thanks for the ride.

Judy said...

Love it!! Taylor is hot, vocals are great, video is super! Really enjoyable southern country rock.

Anonymous said...

Love the song. Fits Taylor to a T! Cute video, and I love the car.

As for Mr. Hicks...the boy is REAL! REAL! REAL!

Gr8fulheart said...

Wow! Tell me Taylor didn't have Fun making this video. Love It!