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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luther Lackey

Just got this from blues critic media, and it is a riot! Bottom line quit stealing the music people!!! Give this song a listen to. I think you will enjoy it. BTW, I deleted a handful of sites that were posting music on rapid share. they were trying to pretend to be review sites, but instead they were posting full CDs on rapid share. It is unfortunate that people feel free to take advantage of musicians, but they do it all the time. Stop piracy and buy CDs please!!!!

"Mama Southern Soul" & Luther Lackey Got Something To Say and Sing About Bootlegging/Piracy!!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: luther boot

from Luther Lackey's new CD "Jody's Got My Problems"
EMAIL this to all your friends!!!
If you know of any store, flea market stand, person, selling "bootleg" or "pirated" copies ("burned" cds, dvds, etc..) of Blues and Southern Soul music REPORT THE THIEVES
You will remain ANONYMOUS
call 1 800 223 2328 (1 800 BAD BEAT)
Report on the thieves ONLINE HERE
Again, a big THANK YOU to the good people who pay for their music and keep the Blues alive.
Also....Please don't "burn" cds for your friends...LET'S SAVE THE SOUTHERN SOUL MUSIC BUSINESS

1 comment:

Blues Historian said...

Blues Collective. I see you are sending a lot of people this way, SO STOP STEALING THE MUSIC! You are not helping any of us by "spreading the blues around" with OUR HARD WORK! I am out a lot of money, and I can only imagine what someone with better name recognition than me is out.