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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Whoa, I'm on the move in the next 48 hours and I've already got a sleep deprivation headache so this has got to be short... I'm thrilled that Checker and The Bluetones (yes, the band that everyone loved last New Year's Eve) bought the Mini-Wini. I admit to a bit of nostalgic sadness when I walked away from that vehicle. I left 82,000 miles of memories in that cruiser. It sat on the patio at the end of the Sun Valley Idaho ski run, it got ticketed in Memphis TN for parking in the wrong spot when we played Bluestock, and it provided a little home away from home all over the midwest. I hope the Bluetonians can capture as many memories with it as I did... So now it's on to selling the equipment truck named Larry. Larry is a 2004 Chevy cutaway van with a 16' cube box. It hauls everything that is necessary to do a Blue Band show and has LOTS of room leftover. It has a mini dressing room with fold out couch. It has nearly 58,000 miles and is maintained according to manufacturer's suggested schedule. I have an appointment in 12 hours in Des Moines to see what a dealer will give me as a trade. I'd be willing to sell it to you for that trade amount... Right after doing the Larry Shuffle, I'm meeting to finalize the details for the Happy Blue Year 2009 celebration. Once we have the Hotel agreement, I can get on to booking the talent. Last year's lineup was cool, donchya think? Got any suggestions? No, The Allman Bros. are not an option... And then, it's finally on to the gig!! TONIGHT (Fri) Porky's Pub and Garage, 5125 NE 14th (just a little north of I-80) in Des Moines. Someone asked on the post-a-note page if this Porky's date was inside or outside. In my dreams it'd be outside (I love those outdoor, earlier evening gigs!) but I think it's inside. We start at 9pm. We're scheduled to be a 5 piece with Heath doing the sax playing. Saturday we play a private function for the Iowa Medical Society in Iowa City (is there a doctor in the house??!!) I need a nurse... In case you did not see the post-a-note page, trumpet man Al Naylor's dad passed away last Friday. He's scheduled to rejoin us next week. Sincere condolences go out to the Naylor family... Next week we play a private party so there will probably not be a Blue Note, but I did want to make you aware of our first gig in Peoria in nearly 10 years! It's a River City Blues Society event on Wednesday April 29 at the Dragon Dome's banquet room in Pekin IL. We used to play in Peoria quite often in the 80s and 90s. We're bringing the full 6 piece band and hope to see as many old and new Peorians as possible, the show runs 7-10:30p... We've added quite a few new dates to the summer schedule and have just a few more open weekend dates until September. We'd love to play that private bar-b-que on your deck at your mansion on the outskirts of town... It's been a "taxing" week, see ya on the Blue Highway (you'll look good driving that Larry truck) keep rubbin' that washboard, I've been told that CAKE is a good insomnia headache cure, and always remember we love you...Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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