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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crossroads Duel

Ah yes, the mythic tale of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil, (which never happened click on the Robert Johnson tag below!!!) this is the retelling of the story with Robert Johnson's friend Willie Brown trying to win back his soul, so the young guitar playing star "White Lighting" (Ralph Macchio) battles the evil Stevie Vai for Willie's soul!!! Of course Ralph is not playing guitar but the amazing Ry Cooder (however the classical break towards the end is probably Stevie Vai) Of course, the whole thing is bunk, but ya gotta love it! Sure it plays on the worse sterotypes of the blues, but that is one great guitar battle.


Dan said...

Yeah but what about the rest of the movie?.... Exactly.

Blues Historian said...

I liked it when I didn't know any better:-D


Unknown said...

Again, thanks for bringing the Blues to me. Ry Cooder was someone I have heard of, but until today, never listened to. Sweet beautiful music...