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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

I KNEW I shouldn't have used yesterday afternoon's sunny skies to finally chip away the last of that funky ice that fell last Saturday night. Having everything cleared just encourages Mother Nature to try harder. We're currently adding to our record snowfall for this time of year here in Cedar Falls at the rate of about an inch an hour. They don't call it Sparkle City for nothin'! Actually "they" don't call it Sparkle City, but that's another email. We have about 7" more of snowfall now than we did last year at this time. Last year, Sparkletown had the 4th greatest snowfall total OF ALL TIME! It's clear that "Mom" is going for the record this year. Dr. Dave, you picked a hell of a winter to stay in the midwest...

I guess the "good news" about not having a gig this weekend is that we don't have to travel in this weather. Hopefully roadways will be cleared away by Tuesday when Jeff & I are scheduled to drive to Storm Lake to be part of pianoman Tom Gary's Blues Class at Buena Vista University. Part of class that night includes a trio performance with Jeff, Tom, and me in Anderson Auditorium. Showtime is 7pm, it's open to the public, free of charge. Bring your zydeco tie, you can be part of the band and get college credit! (where were these classes when I was in school?)...

This is the time of year when I tend to think too much. Post holiday depression is always complicated by my birthday (Christ, Bob, aren't ya getting a little OLD to play in a band and be a radio disc jockey for living?) (excuse me, I'm NOT a disc jockey, I'm a radio ANNOUNCER) On Monday, I'll be marking the 30th time I've celebrated my 28th birthday. There's still plenty of time to SEND CAKE! I use my birthday as an excuse to be totally self indulgent on my Saturday night Rock'n'Roll history show (Backtracks) on Iowa Public Radio. I just got finished recording that program. It's scary to think that I've been carting around Sheb Wooley's Purple People Eater on 45 RPM record for nearly FIFTY ONE years! Don't worry, the pops and scratches on some of those records come at absolutely no extra charge. Join me for the records and stories of my life, Saturday night, 7-10p CST. Get the frequency in your area or listen anywhere on the planet via streamed audio at

We were able to add a few more dates to the appearance calendar this week. Please continue to bring up the band's name to your local festival organizers, club owners, and party planners. We have LOTS (too many) of open dates in the coming weeks! The next Blue Band show happens Sat. Jan. 24 at the Ottumwa Elks Club and we're hoping to see all of our Des Moines area friends at a new Porky's location, Porky's Pub and Garage, 5125 NE 14th St., Friday Jan. 30...

Vicki's place has not had anything new that's half off, so walking the mall for exercise has been a little mundane lately. But there is a question that some of the post holiday sales have me asking. One store advertises certain merchandise at 70% off. Now they have a sign in front of the store that says "take another 50% off of sale merchandise". Does this mean take half off of the remaining 30% or does it mean take 120% off? Which gets me started on another rant that there is only 100%. How many times have you heard that an athlete gave 110%? THERE IS ONLY 100%. 100% is EVERYTHING. You can't give more than EVERYTHING. Oh never mind, that was that "thinking too much" thing coming in again. I'm gonna have to go before I think again...

Thank you for another year of encouragement and support. It's too late to stop now. See ya on the Blue Highway, my original zydeco tie was a BIRTHDAY gift from Gary, Kathy, Mark, and Ginger, so I've been rubbin' it for another year now (!), and remember, there's no better way to celebrate birthdays than with birthday CAKE. We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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