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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Monkeys: Christmas Medley

Okay, bizzaro land here! I vaguely remember the Monkeys getting back together without Michael Nesvitt in the 80s, and apparently they did some sort of Christmas special with MTV. So here are the Monkeys doing a medley of Christmas songs with MTV's VJs! Yup kids, there was a time a long, long, time ago, when MTV played music!!!! WOW!! And they had people who played videos like a DJ plays records!! WOW!!


soulthing said...

I put this video up on my site too! LOL! I love dem Monkees! And that's Michael Nesmith there with the Santa Hat....

Just a nick-nak from my almanac - The Monkees had the highest grossing tour on 1986 - not bad for a group that was out of the spotlight for 20 years.

Long live The Monkees ;)

Blues Historian said...

I guess that is why you have to watch the whole thing!!! I didn't think Michale Nesmith and the monkey's had patched things up. I barely remember him playing a live show with them about that time. Since all four of them are still around, I wonder if it is time for another reunion tour:-)

Thanks for the sharp eye:-)