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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

I know I promised you a week off from these Blue Notes, but SURPRISE! (dontchya love Christmas surprises?) I couldn't stay away (how can you miss me if I won't go away?) It's the season to stay in touch with family and YOU are my family. Just consider me the weird cousin who never really grew out of his desire to play in a band and now is more like Ozzy Osbourne than Bruce Springsteen...

Be sure and make plans to join us Sunday, Dec. 21st at the River Music Experience, 2nd & Main in Davenport, for the Mississippi Valley Blues Society Christmas Party and fundraiser. Money raised will go toward producing the 25th Annual MVBS Festival over 4th of July weekend. We play 5-8pm. Our performance is made possible by the generosity of Zimmerman Motors in the Quad Cities. Marc Zimmerman and I were in rival bands at Sudlow Junior High School! We were both drummers. He was way better than me. His support of The Blue Band all these years has really been a special thing. Maybe we can get him to play drums on a song or two at the party!...

Other holiday shows include The Mill in Iowa City, Friday Dec. 26, showtime is 8pm (donchya love these "geezer gig" hours?) The Screaming Eagle in Waterloo, Sat. Dec. 27 (Eastern Iowa Pre-New Year's Party) and the Grand daddy of New Year's Eve events-Rockin The Blue Year- seven acts, three stages, food, and champagne, take the elevator home. More info and hotel link at

We seem to be such trend setters...we started doing the earlier start-time, "geezer gigs", about 15 months age. Now Jay Leno's expanded on the idea and is making many millions of $$$. We started the pay for play idea with Mustang Sally and the tip jar a few years ago and now the governor of Illinois (I'm STILL working on pronouncing that one) has REALLY expanded on THAT idea in an ATTEMPT to make many millions of $$$! So here's my attempt at starting a trend with the "bail outs", I hope we can expand on this idea: I believe the tax payers should only give money to these poorly managed, greedy, proven incompetent, corporate CEOs IF the CEOs agree to go to jail (they would be let out for 8 hours to go to work) for as long as it takes for those corporations to pay back the money with interest. As soon as the money is repaid, the CEO can go free (a true "bailout") If the money's not repaid, the CEO stays in jail. If nothing else, I bet there would be WAY fewer Corporate CEOs applying for tax payer bailouts!...

Monday and Tuesday's ice coating has made it difficult to just walk to the garage, so walking for exercise outside just can't happen. That puts me racing around College Square Mall, where inevitably I have to walk past the Victoria's (call her Vicki) Secret store. Even the mannequins in that store make this old square guy blush! But I found it odd that the latest sign promotion in front of the store proudly proclaims that all robes are on sale. This is from a store who has built it's success on DISROBING!!...

We're playing a private Christmas party in Okoboji on Friday night. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate (she certainly has been fickle lately, hasn't she?) and not add any weather obstacles to the 4+ hour road trip. I'm planning on being back to do the Backtracks rock'n'roll History show on Iowa Public Radio LIVE on Saturday night, 7-10p. Requests/suggestions/holiday salutations: 1-800-772-2440, ext. 5. And don't forget about our annual LIVE rockin' Christmas Eve together on the radio, this year 7-10p on Xmas Eve...

I'm hopin' the Blue Highway doesn't turn icy-blue, if you're going to give someone a tie for Christmas, make it a washboard tie, be careful, it's the time of year for FruitCAKE, and don't forget the question: Naughty or Nice? We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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