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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page RIP

About as far away from the blues that you can get, and yet I need to say something about Bettie Page. She is the girl that everyone saw and no one knew her name. She was a G-rated pinup girl who did adult themed photos. She was on everything in the 50s from postcards, books, magazines, and films. She appeared in Playboy, and was the model for the little bunny models that appear on the Playboy joke page. She disappeared into obscurity, until the 1980s, when a guy trying to relive childhood fantasies tried to find Ms. Page, and started a magazine called the Betty Pages. I remember reading those magazines and enjoying the story of this guy going from place to place just missing her. Finally found alive years later she kept hidden and only appeared in public on her 80th birthday with Hugh Hefner, and the artist Olivia

Even when Bettie was bad, she was still good, the proverbial girl next door. I am glad that she will never grow old. God bless you Bettie, may you rest in peace.

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