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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bobby Darin: You Are My Sunshine, Mojo, Splish Splash

I had this posted somewhere in the archive. This is a great clip so I figure if I have it posted twice why not! This has Bobby Darin getting down on piano, and is one of his last performances. Bobby Darin had contacted Rheumatic fever when he was a kid and wasn't expected to live past his teens, but he surprised everyone and thrived. Modern medicine did catch up to him and he did have heart value surgery that did help him. However, he contacted blood poisoning after visiting a dentist. (Today people in his condition take antibiotics when they get dental work) Darin was a performer who believed the show must go on, and instead of getting help for his blood poisoning he played out a string of performances that he had already booked. By the time he finally made it to the doctor it was too late and his heart finally gave out on him at the age of 37. The main reason I am writing this is that unfortunately there some recent misinformation about the death of Bobby Darin. An author (no name no links, he doesn't deserve it) wrote that Darin died of Cocaine Abuse. It just isn't true. Given the poor shape his heart was in Cocaine would have killed him. It is too bad that people don't do the simple research, and just write dumb rumors.

On a positive note, Bobby Darin got a big vote of approval from my elementary art students today!:-) I played a cd of Bobby Darin's music and they loved it! Even the high school kids tolerated it:-)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing and showing the great talent of Bobby Darin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the real cause of death and for posting this wonderful clip and displays most, but not all, of BDs exceptional talent.