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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bob Dorr And the Blue Band Update

I messed up last week by not getting around to posting Bob's update. I wish I had because he went off on Sarah Palin, and that in turn set off a storm on his email list! Who knew conservative republicans loved the blues:-D (just joking, I was just getting another chance to tweak a fan of Wingnut Adams who didn't get the joke either:-) Anyway Bob does some updating on the "controversy". Just a personal aside, I think a musician is entitled to an opinion about the world, just like anyone else. Those of you who get all upset when someone in the public eye speaks their mind need to get a life. This is freaking America. There is a thing called the first amendment.

I cannot remember a time when a Blue Note generated so many responses the way last week's note did. To everyone's credit, all the responses were signed and many responses found exception to my stated perception of Sarah Palin. Some of those responses include:

how right you are, they don't mix..sorry bob, unsubscribe

I don't really have a choice in who to vote for. I won't vote for Obama and I hate even putting his name on this page or on anything of mine, so that is the way it is.

But its not as scarey as the thought of the extreme left, socialist, terrorist-befriending, white-hating, Barack Hussein Obama being president, and Joe Biden, with all his gaffes, a heartbeat from the presidency. Or not as scarey as Hillary and Bill getting back in the white house! Now THAT scares the HELL out of me!

Bob - I'd suggest that you revert to your prior thoughts of not trying to mix politics with entertainment. You should NOT be offering your editorial political comments. Many of your musical fans (including me), although we love your band.....DO NOT SHARE YOUR APPARENT POLITICS. I will spare you my comments on why I'd rather see Sarah Palin in office than either Obama or Bidden. However, I'm sure you would not enjoy my comments....any more than I enjoy your political commentary. Please update us on your musical activities and do not insert your political views.

Stick to entertainment Bob….keep your political view to yourself.

And these were the NICE comments! I really doubt that I will stop making political observations, but I WILL try and warn you that those observations are coming, so you don't have to read them if you don't like...SO, some more of those observations are coming, right after the important stuff...

Friday kicks off the season's "First Friday" TGIF parties at The Hub, 4th and Main, in Cedar Falls. Food, (OP pizza by the slice) fun, dancing, and home before the 10 o'clock news! We'll do this every first Friday of the month through May 1, we play 6-9pm. This month, the full 6 piece band with Bunky joining Al in the horn section...

Saturday, the weather is predicted to be sunny and in the mid 60s for the last outdoor date of the season (unless you can get one of those deck or barn parties organized in the next few weeks) The Tabor Home Vineyard's Anniversary and Harvest Celebration is one of my favorite events of the year. Lots of wining (no whining) and food on the vineyard grounds in Baldwin IA. Our friends at The Mississippi Valley Blues Society are sponsoring a bus from the Quad Cities (don't drive drunk, call yourself a bus) (YOU'RE A BUS!!) The MVBS weekly newsletter (don't worry, there's no politics in their note) says: Next Saturday, October 4, Bob Dorr and the Blue Band will perform at the Tabor Home Winery 12th Anniversary celebration at the winery in Baldwin, IA, outside of Maquoketa. This annual event has become a tradition for the Blue Band and Tabor Home and is an enjoyable day at a beautiful spot in the rolling hills of eastern Iowa. Patrons sit on the grass and listen to the Blue Band while enjoying some Iowa's finest wines. If you would like to go to the event, the Mississippi Valley Blue Society is organizing a bus trip to the winery for the event. The bus will leave from the Creekside Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady St., Davenport, next Saturday at 12:30 p.m., travel to Tabor Home winery, and return to the Creekside at 7 p.m. If you really want to make a day of it, the Rockin' Jake Band from New Orleans will be playing at the Creekside that night. The cost for the bus trip is $25 for MVBS members and $30 for others. Tickets are available at the the MVBS office (563-332-5837) or at the Creekside (563-324-4619). For more information on Tabor Home wines, visit: So get on the bus, Gus and join us for this multi-generational, family fun event...

Next Sat. (Oct. 11) we play a private wedding dance and the week following that I will be begging for money during Iowa Public Radio's Fall On-Air Fundraiser. Sat. Oct. 25 marks our return to The Screaming Eagle Bar and Restaurant in Waterloo...

WARNING: If you do not want to carry on a civil conversation about the election or politics, skip down to the final paragraph...I had assumed that most of the people on this list knew that I am a registered Libertarian. (I wish they had named the party The Constitutionalists) I am so fiscally conservative that I make Charles Grassley look like a tax and spend liberal. I am so socially laissez faire that I could make Howard Stern blush. Basically, I want the government out of my pocketbook and out of my personal life. Neither of the two "major" parties offer this. I believe that if we went back to a self reliant, personally responsible mindset, then the country would be much better off. Neither of the two "major parties" offer this either. My problems this year are 1) The Libertarians nominated Bob Barr as their presidential candidate. I cannot and will not vote for him 2) The Democrats nominated someone who believes the federal government is the answer to all problems. Meanwhile, I too often think the government IS the problem 3) The Republicans nominated someone for vice-president that is a very pretty face but makes President Bush look like a Rhodes scholar. This is very scary to me because John McCain seems to be entering periods of dementia or worse! Maybe he's just sad because he's selling one of his houses (gee, he'll only have SIX left) It is reported that you cannot even make an offer on this particular house without first putting up $100,000, JUST TO MAKE A BID! This leads me to think that Mr. McCain has no clue what life is like for a weekend Public Radio announcer and a white wannabee soul/blues singer from Iowa. And that's the blues, baby. It's looking more and more like Ron Paul will get my vote...

As the gig schedule gets lighter, I'm going to try and ween myself from writing these notes every week. You probably won't get one next week. (BTW, we REALLY need work for the Holidays, keep us in mind for private parties-we know LOTS of Christmas tunes and are negotiable on price) Thanks for the responses to the Blue Notes (at least I know some people are reading them) See yas on The Blue Highway, rub that washboard, drinking wine goes well with cheeseCAKE, and no matter what your politics, we love you because we're all part of the Blue Family... Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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