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Monday, September 29, 2008

Join Our Blues Historian Readers

A new application from blogger, where if you like reading this blog then you can tell the world!:-) It is located at the top of the blog and all you have to do is follow the link!

Thanks to the literally thousands of you who stop by!! I know this is not the best of times for the blues, but thanks to you who come everyday you are doing your bit to keep the blues alive. So keep buying the CDs, (And please by mine!!!) Keep going to the live shows, and let your local blues performers how much you care by BUYING THEIR STUFF!! Don't cheat and get it free off the net! With this crappy economy we all need some help, especially your hard working blues performers who are barely scrapping by playing gigs that barely pay for the food and gas to get to the next town. So do your part to help the economy. think of it this way. By giving a bluesman, or blueswoman a few bucks of your hard earned cash, then it goes back into the economy, thereby strengthen our country. After all our country was built by hard working entrepreneurs and let me tell you that every bluesman is really a small businessman. They have musicians to pay, vehicles to keep on the road. Hotel, and Motel rooms, unless they sleep in their van! (and believe me SOME OF THEM DO) Equipment upkeep, and if they get sick, it is a double whammy, because most of them don't have insurance. SO STOP STEALING THEIR MUSIC, and buy a cd already. Help your local economy, and you will feel good, and someone might be able to eat tonight!!!!!!!!

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