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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

A quick note from Bob.

I'm beat, so this is only part 1 of this week's note. See ya tonight (Wednesday)
for another Porky's Parking Lot Party, 44th & Douglas in Des Moines. It's
our first time ever playing the Wednesday Car Night (as opposed to our usual
Thursday Bike Night) Remember, this is the last summer for Porky's and this is
the last scheduled time we have to play there (I'd like to think we could
squeeze in one more date, but nothing's FER SURE.) We play 6-9pm, Al & Heath
are scheduled for the horn section and Dave Altemeier, who played many dates
with us last year, will be subbing for Davis on the bass. BTW, Davis' dad seems
to be doing better after his heart attack, but certainly isn't back to normal...
Part 2 of the note will have to come at it's usual time (Thursday
night/Friday morning) and will give you some details on all three cool gigs for
this Labor Day weekend. If you've got to know RIGHT NOW go here: for details on dates in Ames on Friday,
Bankston (outside of Dubuque) on Saturday and right here in Sparkle City on
I have to admit that I agree with the people who have mentioned
the lack of humor in recent Blue Notes. What's So Funny About Peace Love And
Understanding??!! To be continued, when the CAKE gets here...Bob Dorr & The
Blue Band

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