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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Albert King And Stevie Ray Vaungh: Texas Flood

I don't know if I posted this one before or if it is one of the 100 or so that I deleted, but it is good enough to post again:-) This is an awesome video that shows just how great Stevie and Albert were together. I think the way Stevie let the master play guitar and didn't try to show him up was what made Stevie Ray so good. I saw another blues guitarist play with Albert once, and he smoked Albert, and to be honest it made me mad. You need to respect your elders not cut their heads. I have never understood that attitude among musicians, and to be honest real bluesmen don't cut heads. That is what rock guitarist do:-)

1 comment:

tishlp said...

Oh my gosh, I just bought this CD last week! Now I've got to have the DVD. Thanks for the preview bluesman. :)