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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winners Of The International Blues Challenge

Illinois blues has some great info on the Winners of the International Blues Challenge. What I didn't know is that I actually know the winners from Kansas City, Trampled Underfoot, except when I knew them they were little kids! I played briefly with their father the late great Bob Schnebelen during the summer 1991. Bob was a monster guitar player, and was a really great guy. I remember going over to him and his wifes house and hanging out with his family one summer afternoon. It was a great day. I also remember when I heard about his death. He died way to young, but I know that he must be very proud of his children who carried on his music, and not only did they win the contest, but his son Nick won for best guitarist!

2008 International Blues Challenge

Hey Blues Fans,

It's good to be home safe and sound after last Thursday. The 475 mile drive to Memphis in one of the worst snow and ice storms of the season was quite dramatic at times. We're talking real real white knuckle driving at a slippery 25 mph through rain, sleet, slush, ice and snow.

It was obvious that Momma Nature really had the Blues last week as the trip back was even more intense. Many cars plowed into ditches as the weather put on a repeat show but added simultaneous heavy snow and marble sized hail with lightning flashing everywhere. WOW!

But the impressive show at the 2008 International Blues Challenge (IBC) made the drive to Tennessee more than worth it.

Trampled Under Foot, an entry from the Kansas City Blues Society was the winning band. Their remarkable set in the finals earned the band first place and also earned the bands guitarist, Nick Schnebelen, the 2008 Albert King Award as the Best guitarist at the IBC.

Want to see why they won? CLICK HERE to see a video from their club performance in the semifinals.

All ten of the finalists were incredible. Second place went to Shakura S'Aida who was representing the Toronto Blues Society and third place went to Lil' Ray Neal representing the Baton Rouge Blues Society.

The solo/duo finals were also a GREAT show. The winner was a violin player from the Colorado Blues Society named Lionel Young. Yup, we are talking KILLER Blues from a fiddle! Second place went to Ben Prestage from the Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast. We have complete pictures of all the finalists as well as many of the contestants in semifinals.

2008 IBC pictures - CLICK HERE

We wanted also to congratulate Robert Sampson from the Illinois Central Blues Club for his fine showing at the IBC! He was the only Blues piano player who made it to the solo/duo finals. Fantastic job Robert!

We encourage everyone with a passion for the Blues to support these folks. Click the links above and find out about these performers and their sponsoring Blues Societies. These folks are really "Keepin' The Blues Alive". They are the future of the Blues!

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