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Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Poll: Where Do You Get Your News

I am curious where most people get their news. I know there is much contempt from old media about new media. However, I am curious how you feel. Feel free to add any comments you want about the media on this post.




Sarge said...

Fox news at their web site and through the paper. I'm kind of a news junkie though.

Anonymous said...

I use, mainly but not limited to, FOX News on the TV and my husband uses Yahoo news.

Anonymous said...

Since I have ATTYahoo internet, I check their news BUT they aggravate me w/their sensationalist approach and sleasy photos. I still watch local/national tv news on almost all the channels as well as cnn (ok another news junkie). Sometimes visit various internet news, cnn,msnbc etc.

Blues Historian said...

I get most national news from the internet and blogs. For local news I watch one of the sioux city stations, but I must admit that they truly don't cover what goes on in town, so I read both our local papers, The Storm lake Times, and the Pilot Tribune. I also try to catch countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC.