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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Dust My Broom, Big Legged Woman

An interesting soulful version of Dust My Broom/ Big Legged Woman by Taylor Hicks. I have never heard either song played like that before. Very interesting indeed!


Anonymous said...

An outstanding performance.
Thank you for posting!

LISA said...

He will NEVER cease to amaze me.
Awesome clip.PLEASE keep those Taylor Hicks videos rolling.

Anonymous said...

This is just what makes Taylor Hicks' concerts so fascinating. You never know what he is going to do. He usually starts with one of his original songs, this time it was Hold On To Your Love, and then creates a unique medley with blues or soul standards, very interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Surprising, but very, very cool.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thank you for posting that!

Anonymous said...

I hope other quality artists take a minute to appreciate the artist you've featured here. He is and has been a treasure to me quite some time and gets a raw deal by those who don't "get" him - of whom there are many. Thank you for notcing the gem hidden from so many and bringing him out for other blues and soul fans to enjoy. Watch on the 'Net for him - he is often overlooked elsewhere. Hope to see you t a show sometime - you're all right in my book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this by Taylor Hicks, which by the way is just one of many of what he does best "the blues"...
You should try to find his version of Ray Charles, Fool for You.. It'll knock you out. Thanks again for this, good stuff. Soul Food.

Anonymous said...

When all those lonely people who never 'GOT' Taylor Hicks are in nursing homes?


Keep the Taylor Hicks videos rollin.

dave matthews

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Taylor is by far the best of the best and he will always be.
I have never heard anything come out of his mouth that wasn't perfection.

Thanks for posting and as all before me said, "Keep them coming".

Thank you Taylor for sharing your incredible talents with us.

June NESP in Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Taylor continues to amaze me!
Keep them coming- I can never get enough "Taylor Stuff"
Thanks so much for posting this. It is a great treat.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE it!! I spent the summer following Taylor around the country...this video shows why!