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Monday, December 10, 2007

Quinn Sullivan

Got an email about this 8 year old kid who plays blues guitar. As you know I don't get too excited about kids who play the blues. But, if you would like to check out his myspace page Click HERE. Here is a video of an original song written by little Quinn. I think little Quinn also likes the Beatles, since this has a Beatles feel to it. The kids got talent, but, then Mozart was writing complete piano works at the age of five, and we all know how that worked out:-)

Here is a three year old drummer from Denmark!

Here is an 8 year old playing Purple Haze

Finally, here is Quinn again jamming with Buddy Guy. What is wrong with the youth of today! Nothing but slackers if you ask me:-D (BTW, for the humor impaired, it is just a joke, these kids are good:-)


Anonymous said...

Same here. Don't get too excited about kid stuff, but the Quinn kid is GOOD. I saw him on the Ellen show when he was only 6..he was good then but more polished now. I always worry about these young kids though being able to keep their little heads in the right place...keep an eye on this one. Like the Buddy Guy duet!

Anonymous said...

da Quinn kid's good