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Friday, November 2, 2007

1000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I am amazed that I have posted 1000 items about the blues! I wish that I had added my counter at the beginning of the blog, but I waited a month before I did. So since May 1 I have had 11,446 visits, and 17,747 page views! That is over 2,000 hits a month, and over 3,000 page views a month! The main page is by far the most popular destination on the blog, but one artists has five of the top ten page views. None other than Taylor Hicks! Taylors fan club has really helped launch the blog, and I like to think that us blues fans have found a new soul/blues singer to listen too. I also hope that we have helped expose some great blue artists to all of Taylors great fans.

I enjoy all of your comments! They make things interesting and I like reading them. It is nice to know that you like what is going on here, and it keeps me posting even when I am tired and need some sleep, but I think hey, I got a blog to post!!!!!!! I also want to thank all of the people around the world who have written to me, and have added my link to their blogs and webpages. I have learned that the blues is a world wide musical phenomenon. I have had 98 countries from around the world that have visited the blog! I am glad that you have stopped by and have enjoyed some of the greatest music of all time.

I also want to thank all of you who email and suggest new videos to post. At this point I have 451 blues videos on the blog. These videos are going to be great for my students when they start my blues history class in January!

Once again thanks for stopping by and helping make my little blog about the blue into something that has exceeded my wildest expectations. I figured I would get a handful of hits a month! Wow was I wrong. Keep on stopping by, and I will keep trying to provide you with the best of the blues past, present and future!



Unknown said...

It´s a nice notice!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Taylor Hicks brought me to your blog, but I've enjoyed many of the other artists I've found here. Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on your blog success!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bluesman!!! Well deserved fireworks! I think you'll find that "most" Taylor Hicks fans are also huge Blues/soul fans. I have always had Blues both old and new, sites bookmarked but didn't discover yours until I read somewhere about Taylor Hicks being your artist of the day and took a look. What a great discovery. Love your site and the variety of music you expose everyone to and the information. I check you out everyday. Also great radio station. A big THANK YOU BLUESGUY

Anonymous said...

Good stuff here!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bluesman.....I was introduced to your site because of Taylor Hicks and I'm glad that I was.You are very informative,the videos and artists you spotlight each day are most enjoyable.Keep up the great work,it's much appreciated !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success! Your passion for blues shines through in your writing!

Found your site linked at a Taylor site. Came to read about him, but stayed because of all the artists you feature. Of course, I'm always looking for another Taylor mention! When I watch a TH video and he does a soulful song with beautiful harp, I think "I wish the "Blues Historian" could see this!"
Thanks for helping get the word out on Taylor. He's the "real deal" and he'll grab them - one soul at a time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be anonymous but I do that. Great and valuable site. Enjoying the old and new artists. Thank you.

(Re Mr.Hicks, and some other new artists you've featured that I'd never heard of: He (definately!) and some others have found a new fan in myself.)